Daily Gopher Live?

So the Gophers football team has an off week.  At least we have the void filled somewhat with a real Gophers hockey game against our redheaded stepchild rival (apologies redheads everywhere--especially if you are a foxy female one--well, as long as you aren't a Husky fan).

However, the hockey game isn't until night anyways.  But, we do have a Big Ten football pillow fight on our hands between Iowa and Wisconsin.  The Gophers have twice as many Big Ten wins as these two schools combined.  Yeah, they are a combined 1-5.

So, this brings up a few questions.  First, does anyone else have an interest in getting together in a public place to meet each other and watch the game? 

Why a public place? 

Because I fear what sort of socially awkward, basement dwelling, sociopathic, blog participating people you all really might be when you aren't hiding behind a computer screen.  That way, I can just leave if you all turnout to be the equivalent of the girl-you-met-on-the-internet-who-looked-really-hot-in-the-two-pictures-she-sent-to-you-but-turns-out-to-be-below-your-standards-date that some (admit it) or most of us have experienced.  But at least I don't have to be physically attracted to any of you, so chances are good it will go better than the people you met off of or whatever.

Second question:  which team do you despise more, Iowa or Wisconsin?  Personally, I have always hated Wisconsin worst and never regarded Iowa as that much of a rivalry.  I know, I know, custodial rights of a bronze pig are involved.  But still, I've always hated Wisconsin's fans and teams worst.  I don't even want Wisconsin's women's rowing team to do well and think the school should automatically lose all public funding for not having a baseball program.  However, if we clinch the Big Ten title next year in Iowa City, I will for damn sure see to it that at least someone is trying to tear down THEIR goalposts on THEIR homefield.

Please leave comments below if you are interested in a public gathering to hate on either the Chicken Hawks (Iowa) or the Roadkill Rodents (Wisconsin). 

BTW--Badgers are roadkill.  Gophers dig tunnels underneath roads and therefore elude cars.  Gophers really are the superior rodents.  If Badger fans or Wolverine fans protest--just bring up the movie Caddyshack.  That ends every argument.

Editors of The Daily Gopher retain the right to remove posts deemed excessively offensive or grossly inappropriate. Keep it clean and don't be mean.

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