The JUCO plan


The past couple of years have brought several highly touted Juco transfers to our football team.  I looked at what the contribution has been by each player and it hasn't really panned out for Brewster.

 Tramaine Brock- Played one year and was a solid contributer with good coverage skills at safety.  He was a little weak in run support.  Academic casualty before the start of this year.

 Simoni Lawrence-  Last year he flashed big play ability.  Excellent speed for a LB, but I have been really dissappointed this year with his inability to get off his block and contain.  He has missed outside contain in many different games this year and Pryor beat him to the outside and turned the corner numerous times last week.  He has been basically invisible this year and easily the weakest link in a strong linebacking core.

 David Pittman- (who?????)

 Rex Sharpe-  I thought he would play more this year, but Triplett came on with gusto.  In fairness he has been buried in the teams strongest position, behind Campbell and Triplett and has been relegated to special teams.

 Traye Simmons- He has been getting burned for a TD weekly.  He has not lived up to his own hype and has been servicable at best.

 Tim McGee- Academic casualty before he could make it on the team.

 Hayo Carpernter- Came in with strong expectations in a huge position of need to take some of the pressure off of Decker.  His game speed has not been as advertised, failing to get seperation when he has played.  He was also caught by a DE in the Wisconsin game on an end around.  He runs a 4.5 at absolute best and doesn't have the shiftiness of Stoudermire or Allen.  It hurts more that he is a bust since this is such a huge need position for us.  With Decker going down we really need someone to step up, my guess is that it will be Bryant Allen.

 The majority of these players were rated as 4 star recruits with only Lawrence and Brock being 3 stars.  They are a major reason we have had such highly ranked recruiting classes, but as you can see all they have really been good for is padding the recruiting numbers.  When trying to build our team, Juco transfers have clearly not been our answer.

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