Tubby vs. Brewster Debate

I found this debate interesting on the scout board and thought it would spark some interesting conversation here as I prefer the intelligence of this blog's readers.  (How's that for sucking up?)

There are a lot of people that think Brewster should be fired and we should hire someone like Tubby to take his place.  Notwithstanding the fact that those coaches aren't lining up at the door to take the job, I feel there is a bit of a double-standard by those who aren't happy with the job Brewster is doing and are overly happy with Tubby.

It has everything to do with expectations for they are the reason coaches are fired and that is the point he is making.  So far Tubby has taken perhaps the worst team in the Big Ten and broght them up to the 7th best team in the Big Ten last year.  This year has yet to play out, but most are predicting a 5th place finish in the Big Ten.

 Currently, we are the 7th rated team in the Big Ten in football, sounds like a similar finish to last year's BB team, does it not?  Yes, I realize we could drop with a loss to Iowa this week and probably will.  These are the numbers today.

 The perception is that we were already a middle of a road team under Mason and the BB team was under much worse shape than the football team when each coach took over.  I would argue that the football team would have been terrible under Mason in 2007 as well, since the good recruiting class of 2003 was gone and the rape scandel in which we lost some of our best players more than likely would have happened anyway.  Both coaches have taken over bad teams and brought them to the middle of the pack in the conference, with Tubby being at the upper middle and Brewster at the lower middle if you will.  It is much much much easier to turn around a BB program.  One or two players makes can make much more of an impact and the kids don't have to be as strong which takes more time and conditioning.

 The fact is that Brewster receives much more critisism than Tubby, because he raised the expecations himself.  People are turned off by his infectiously "positive" attitude and talk about Rose Bowls, especially the media.  Why, we all know that this is his goal and he didn't say he would do it immediately.  Did you want him to say his goal was to beat 4 division II teams every year and win a couple of Big Ten games taking us to the Insight/Alamo Bowl?  If that's the case, then we should have kept Mason.

 Now conversely, Tubby has never said he would bring us to the Final Four, or even the sweet 16, so it's ok not to expect it right?  Sure, Tubby had higher credentials coming in, but we are talking about what they are doing for the Gopher program not the past.  If we finish 5th in the Big Ten again and win the first round of the NCAA tourney I would not consider it a failure either, but it wouldn't be any better than Brewster taking us to the Insight/whatever lower tier bowl we would go to this year.

 I am excited for this year's basketball team and love Tubby as a coach (mostly on defense).  My expectations are a top 3 finish in the Big Ten for both of the programs.  Of course, I don't expect it every year.  I just can't get too excited about the mediocrity that we have seen so far from both programs.  (9-9 doesn't prove to me the program is turned around)  Personally, I won't give Tubby a pass just because he didn't say he would bring us to where we all want to be.  

 If you think Brewster should be fired already, then we should probably get rid of Tubby too.  Forget Dungy, let's just go out and get Bill Belichek and Phil Jackson.  I can't think of any reason they wouldn't want to come here.

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