Golden Nuggets 05.01.09

Happy May Day.

I read a note in Charlie Walter's column yesterday and then went to to the Sport's Business Journal to confirm and  yes, Joel Maturi is one of four finalists for Athletic Director of the Year.  So far the Tubby Smith hire still outweighs the question marks around the Tim Brewster hire.  But both of those hirings were 2007, what has Maturi done in 2008 to warrant this award?  TCF Stadium is the only logical answer to me.  It won't open until 2009 but this project has Maturi's fingerprints on it dating back at least a few years with 2008 seeing the stadium erected.

Maybe it's the fact that there aren't any glaring financial issues facing the U's athletic department in a financial environment that is seeing many programs in the red.

I have no problems with Maturi, but I would not have ranked him among the top 4 AD's in the country.  Not exactly sure what criteria is but good luck.

  • The quick 2009-2010 outlooks and top 25 previews are fun but FINALLY we get an in depth look at next year's hoops squad.  Jim Burr Loves Bad Basketball covers the Big Ten and declares the glory days have returned for Gopher basketball!
    I think of any team in the Big Ten, Minnesota has all the right pieces. They've got the coach who has been to the promise land before (Smith), a good mix of youth (White, Williams) and experience (Johnson, Westbrook), a deep bench (Blake Hoffarber, Devoe Joseph, Paul Carter, Devron Bostick) a tenacious defense and an unselfish offense. They have the versatility to go big or small, fast or slow. I said this earlier this month, but do not be surprised to see Minnesota in the Sweet 16 come March. If everything falls together, the 2010 season can be a special one.

    I tend to get overexcited about the upcoming season so I'm glad that someone outside of Gopher Nation thinks next year could be special.
  • A Washington Times writer slots the Gophers at #26 for the 2009-2010 season.  
  • Take a look at former Gopher defensive lineman, Darrel Reid, as he gives a video tour of the Gopher hockey facilities.  
  • Maybe everyone else has seen this blog, but I just found it yesterday afternoon (visitor # 1,077,778).  Club Trillion is written by Mark Titus who is a walk on at Ohio State.  He celebrated crossing the 1,000,000 visitor mark by letting Evan "The Villian" Turner guest post.  Very funny stuff, it is a must read, it's like the What Else Show but funny!
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