Golden Nugz - 03.24.10

Kent Youngblood is back in action and the beacon of positivity loves that the sun was shining on day 1 of Gopher spring practice. He did provide some great nuggets of information. Based on the 30 minutes of practice he saw here was your starting offensive and defensive lines. Youngblood also gives some other early starter info but you'll have to click on the link to see them.


LT - Dominic Alford (SR)

LG - Chris Bunders (JR)

C - D.J. Burris (SR)

RG -Matt Carufel (SR)

RT - Jeff Willis (SR)


DE - RaShede Hageman (rFR)

DT - Jewhan Edwards (JR)

DT - Brandon Kirksey (JR)

DE - D.L. Wilhite (SO)

This year we should be better along the OL and the DL should be very strong. I feel like I'm always looking ahead to next year, but I like that we'll return our entire defensive line next year and I really like a lot of the young guys along the OL that will be forced into action in 2011.

  • The other good Gopher related article from a local beat writer comes from Marcus Fuller. He opines that if there is any job in the country that Tubby would take very seriously it is the possible opening of the Georgia Tech job. I tend to agree with Fuller on this one. Tech has a roster that is talented, it is in Georgia where Tubby has great success recruiting, Tech has brand new facilities and he'd likely get a big raise.
    If Hewitt stays, Gophers fans probably won't have to worry about their coach leaving — that is, until after next season, when the rumors will start again.

  • Tyus Jones is the next hot name in Minnesota high school basketball. Jones is just an 8th grader and is getting all kinds of attention from the media and college coaches. Interesting AP article on the scrutiny surrounding the recruitment of such young kids.
  • Minnesota Senate panel OK's a bill allowing limited alcohol sales at TCF.
  • This is just kind of cool. California Golden Blogs has a photo essay of a Cal vs. St. Mary's rugby match (scrum?).
  • How about a couple Iowa notes for the fun of it. Dr. Saturday previews their upcoming FB season and projects 9-3. In a nutshell their offense benefited from a little luck last year and the chances of that repeating itself isn't likely. They'll be VERY good but may not improve on last year's season. BHGP takes a look at the most likely next Iowa basketball coach, Ben Jacobson. Talk about getting lucky, the year Jacobson puts UNI on the map by beating Kansas in the NCAA Tournament just happens to be the year Iowa is looking for a new basketball coach. Ben should sell high!
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