Poll: How are you feeling about Jerry Kill?

Okay. I thought that this would be a good time to gauge the fan base's opinion of Jerry Kill. Naturally, you have to question the timing of this poll, but I'll be surprised if anyone notices this in the next couple of days.

I think this is the perfect time for this poll because Minnesota just beat Iowa (a trophy game) but is in the midst of a less-than-stellar season that likely won't end in a bowl. So, the results should not be riding off an all time high or an all time low, as it might have at an earlier point in the season.

The poll will stay open until the end of the season.

If you look at the poll, you might be thinking that I added too many options, but I think I've captured all the varying degrees of how people feel about Kill as coach. It's not a yes or no type of question anyway.

In case you're wondering where you fit in, here's a run-down of what every option means:

I'm confident he's the right guy.
You're in the same boat with the president (Kaler) and the athletic director (Maturi), and you think this hire was an excellent one. A couple of losing seasons are never pleasant, but that's the way of the world sometimes. The program needed to make a statement about where it stands with Jerry Kill, and the contract extension was absolutely the right call. You think Kill's the guy to finally take Minnesota to the Rose Bowl.

I want him gone. We can do better. We are Minnesota!
You didn't like the hire, and you don't like Kill now. Your opinion is that Minnesota deserved a bigger name coach either because a) that's what Maturi said would happen, b) that's what was needed, or c) Minnesota is still in a BCS conference, dammit. You think Minnesota could land a big name coach if it tried hard enough, and offering Kill the job was a way of accepting defeat.

I'm on board with him now, but if there isn't serious improvement next year (i.e. going to a bowl), then he'll be on my hit list.
Your expectations for Jerry Kill were pretty high—and still are. You're really not happy with how the season has been going so far, but he's still the head coach and will be for the next couple of years. While you can stomach one poor season, that's all you're giving him. You can't wait three or four years, and you expect the turnaround to happen fast. You have some patience with Kill, but it's wearing thin.

I think he was a good coach at the MAC level, but he's in over his head now.
You fully respect Jerry Kill as a coach, but it takes a special guy to make Minnesota successful, and Jerry Kill is not that guy. You also think his seizure disorder is becoming a serious obstacle for both him and the program. While you can admit that Jerry's ultimately a good guy, he can't quite handle all the pressures of a program like Minnesota. Ultimately you think a different coach is needed.

Not really happy. A coach's job is to win. Instead he makes excuses and blames his players, when he should just admit whatever it is he's doing wrong.
Regardless of what Kill inherited, you think that the buck stops at the head coach and, even in his first season, there's no excuse for what's happened. Kill was supposed to be a program rebuilder, but he's clearly not doing a good enough job coaching—and the season is evidence of that. You almost wish he didn't give press conferences, and you won't be impressed with Kill until he delivers.

Jerry's come into a tough situation. Any coach would be struggling with what Minnesota has right now. I give him the benefit of the doubt.
You aren't happy that the start of the Jerry Kill era isn't spectacular, but you remember Kill's first press conference, and he said this wasn't going to be easy. You appreciate his frank words, and you're in this for the long haul, but maybe were hoping that the haul wouldn't be so long. Still, you recognize that, whatever the reason, the team Kill inherited was in bad shape, but he's capable of turning it around…eventually.

Why are we even asking this question? It's his first year!
To you, this poll is completely pointless. You can't judge a coach by his first season, and you don't really understand why everyone keeps questioning a guy that the university just hired. Regardless of whether you support Kill or not, it's way too early to tell at this point whether the hire is a good one. You'd like to think that Minnesota didn't make a bad hire, but that's a discussion for Kill's third or fourth year, not his first.

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