Golden Nugz: 10.15.2012

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Your "We Lost to Northwestern" Hangover Nugz.

First off, thankfully Jerry Kill is out of the hospital and this particular seizure sounds like it was nothing out of the ordinary in terms of Kill's particular disorder, and it was just the timing and the location of it that caused a scare.

* Sandell does what Sandell does... breaking down the Gophers every move. He also talks about Gray making his triumphant comeback, only to tweak his ankle and be relegated to the sidelines again.

Also in the last link, Sandell mentions both Roderick Williams (RB) and Linkcoln Plsek (TE)

Six games into the season, the Gophers chose to pull redshirts off a pair of freshmen.

Tailback Roderick Williams Jr and tight end Lincoln Plsek both played in their first collegiate games on Saturday, making them the ninth and tenth true freshmen to appear this season for the Gophers.

I don't have a problem with this philosophy because this is such a young team and getting some experience for the future is just as important as winning games now, but it does seem a curious move to do it so late in the season, especially considering that RB & TE are not areas of depth concern on this team.

Speaking of true freshmen...

In his first game since [Andre McDonald] was briefly hospitalized on Sept. 20 with a minor heart issue, the freshman wide receiver caught four passes for 33 yards.

With Harbison going down in the opener and DCT not yet emerging as a true deep threat, it's good that McDonald is getting into the mix and getting the chance to grow as potentially the type of playmaker the Gophers desperately need at WR.

* Interesting little piece in the Strib about recruiting as they interviewed the venerable Tom Lemming, who had an interesting take on the feeling that Minnesota isn't doing well to close up the borders with the upcoming recruiting class...

...this is a down year for Minnesota. It might not matter that much. I think [Cretin-Derham Hall's] James Onwualu, who's going to Notre Dame, might be the only really good kid this year. Most of the rest of the Minnesota talent is developmental.

Lemming also feels that Kill is doing an overall good job in recruiting and is doing the right things in the long-term to close up the borders.

* Post game thoughts from FBT, who points out some curious moves by Coach Kill and staff, including the previously mentioned redshirt burnings.

* The Daily blames mistakes for the loss.

* Men's hockey did their job over the Homecoming weekend taking Michigan State out behind the woodshed in a sweep where they outscored SPARTYNOOOOOO 12-2.

* The Ladies volleyball team had a tough Sunday in Lincoln.

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