Coach Kill was on FIRE during his weekly radio interview.

Leon Halip

"Come see me. I'll show you how damn tough I am." - Coach Kill

Here is a link to the KFAN podcast of Coach Kill's radio show, recorded earlier today. If you don't have time to listen, here are some highlights.

He reveals that someone sent him an email calling him a freak due to his seizures. Coach took umbrage with this person's comment and their cowardice. Here are some personal favorite quotes (some paraphrased):

"1 out of 6 people in the state of Minnesota has epilepsy. Nobody's real proud about saying it because it's a tough situation. But I'm going to say it... I'm not a freak, and neither are they."

"You want to walk in my shoes... and not know if you're going to have a seizure today?... Since I was called a freak I'm going to work my tail end off for the people who have the same situation as I do."

"I might get in trouble for saying this. I am a tough person. I've got a tough wife. Anybody who has the guts to say that (call him a freak for his seizure disorder), come see me. I'll show you how damn tough I am."

"I go 16-18 hours a day. Anybody that wants to challenge me on that, come right on up to the office and you can job shadow me."

Coach was really full of piss and vinegar today. Fun stuff. He also talked about scheduling and had some additional gems:

"When we're ready to go play certain teams in certain situations, why not? But right now we're trying to build a program."

"Here's the best thing about the financial concern. We're eating in a hallway. I'm the last person that wants to take any money away (from the program). But at the same time... we haven't won here in 45 years. We're the only ones that have restructured programs to be successful. Trust me in what we're doing. It will work."

"I'll give up $100k to be successful. Hell, I wanna win. We have a plan that's worked. There has to be a trust factor in what we do."

"I was hired to change 45 years of frustration. Sooner or later their going to have to give somebody some time to change it. We know what we're doing.(At Northern Illinois) we came here and we beat Minnesota, but two years earlier we weren't ready for that."

"This program was not where Glen Mason had it at one time."

"At Kansas State, they all griped about Bill Snyder's scheduling. But they hired him back too."

"I don't ask anybody to agree with it. Everybody's got a different philosophy about how to do things. But you know what? Evidently, we haven't had any of them work."

"I've talked about North Carolina publicly for a year and a half. I'd like to line up and play Notre Dame. I'm a competitive sucker. But you've got to get the players and the confidence built up to go do that."

"Do we want to do this the whole time we're here? No. But we're not getting any better getting the heck beat out of us physically. As this team grows older things change with the scheduling. But this is nothing I haven't said since the day I walked in the door."

"I understand the fan's standpoint. I respect that. But when a plan works, you keep doing it. That's why we were hired."

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