B1G Conference FB schedules for 2015 and 2016 released

(Editor's Note: Bumped because I was just going to write something about this, but GoAUpher beat me to it... so I don't have to. -- JDMill)

The B1G has released the conference schedules for 2015 and 2016. Here is how things look for Minnesota:

10/3 Nebraska
10/10 at Northwestern
10/17 at Michigan
10/24 Iowa
10/31 Ohio State
11/7 at Purdue
11/14 BYE
11/21 Wisconsin
11/28 at Michigan State

10/1 at Iowa
10/8 Michigan
10/15 BYE
10/22 at Nebraska
10/29 Northwestern
11/5 at Ohio State
11/12 Purdue
11/19 at Wisconsin
11/26 Michigan State

More details and thoughts below the jump...

Initial thoughts:

1) Boo! The issue with seeing Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Iowa at home (or on the road) all in the same season continues. As someone who enjoys road trips this annoys me greatly. I also know it can have a drastic effect on how ticket sales look for the U. I was hoping the release of this schedule might come after Joel was gone to see if Teague was able to clean up this error, but I guess not. From a competitive perspective, this could be very good or very bad. It all depends on how the Gophers look. Since that is impossible to predict this far out I'll just shrug and go "meh" when it comes to that part of it.

2) Ohio State is finally back on the schedule after a 4 year hiatus. Hopefully Urban has quit or something by then or (more ideally) Kill has the Gophers playing at a high level and ready to welcome them to TCF for a beatdown. =)

3) That is one heck of a home schedule in 2015. Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. If the Gophers are playing well by then tickets will be coming at a premium on the secondary market.

4) Indiana drops back off the schedule for 2 more years. Lame.

5) Looks like Michigan State is officially our end of season game now.

Some additional details via Rittenberg over at the ESPN B1G Blog:

- Illinois will be off the Gopher's schedule from 2013-2016

- Northwestern misses OSU, PSU, and Wisky in 2015 and 2016 (that's by far the best draw)

- The 2015 Big Ten championship game will take place Dec. 5 at Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium. The site for the 2016 title game has not been selected (the game will take place Dec. 3).

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