Great Norwood Teague KFAN interview

If you've got some time, I highly recommend that you listen to this interview from Barreiro's show with new Gophers AD Norwood Teague.

It's a good interview. Barreiro asks some good questions and I enjoyed hearing how Teague responded. I don't feel like there was anything earth shattering discussed in the interview, but I do feel like it gives you a good sense of Teague's style. He certainly comes off as a likeable and intelligent guy, and I'm interested to see what changes he brings to the department. A quick summary of high points from the interview for those who don't want to/aren't able to listen to the full interview.

Topics covered included:

- on any things that have surprised him since accepting the job: He said not really, but did note that he was pleasantly surprised by the high level of passion he's seen displayed towards making improvements (also referenced that this passion could also be seen as impatience, which he felt was understandable)

- on his feelings about the Gophers often being treated the same as a pro team by the local media: He said "it is what it is" and that while he agrees that he doesn't dwell on that. He said he felt the U has an advantage because of its large alumni base and that they need to do a better job of leveraging that connection to people across the state. He specifically called out engaging alums and fans who are frustrated.

- on his thoughts about whether the problems for football can be solved by simply spending more: Teague said no, that it's more complex than that and includes having great coaches. The interesting note in this section was that he feels you do need to fund your programs in the top half of the conference in order to better guarantee success.

- on Tubby's contract situation: Teague said he doesn't want it to drag out further and thinks they are getting very close.

- on his feelings about Tubby's tenure (Barreiro specifically said he felt the tenure has been a disappointment): Norwood felt there were things that the dept could be doing to help. Specifically called out getting fundraising going on practice facility. He said he used to feel a practice facility wasn't as important, but that his time at VCU and UNC changed that. He said he isn't concerned about Tubby over the next year or two. Feels Tubby's biggest curse was his stature coming in and that he wants to look forward with Tubby (called out being a preseason Top 25) and that he doesn't want to look back since he can't control that.

- on practice facility and what to do with Williams (are they tied together and reno vs. replace): Norwood "claimed ignorance" on this one. He said he's not sure if they can renovate it and that it will come down to expense and cost/benefits. He said it's something he's digging into (earlier he spoke again about the importance of a facility plan and how that would be one of the first things he worked on).

- on dept finances (is the department "in the black?"): "We're in good shape". Feels that they need to build revenues more and spend wisely, but that he thinks the overall finances are ok. Doesn't want to ever end up in red and mentioned building dept reserves.

- on making football relevant again by cutting non-revenues: Teague said he's not sure that cutting sports really saves that much. Said he's been around schools that have done it and that it often doesn't save much at all. That said, he also commented that if done right it can make a difference (basically saying that it depends). He also noted that many of the sports you'd think about cutting either have a great facility or a great tradition of winning.

- on what he still has to do (meetings/appearances): "If I can work as hard as Jerry Kill then I think we'll be alright".

- on plugging into alums who aren't as old as Lou Nanne (Lou called it out to Barreiro in a convo): Teague said building relationship with younger alums and fans is key. Felt the dept needs to be innovative but that #1 is winning. Said he's seen those connections built at other places and feels it's key.

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