Golden Nugz - 09.10.12

Sept 8, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA: Minnesota Gophers defensive back Derrick Wells (13) tips the ball away from New Hampshire Wildcats wide receiver Joey Orlando (84) in the second half at TCF Bank Stadium. The Gophers won 44-7. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Oh man. I totally planned to get Nugz done late yesterday, you guys, but I had a full-on WISCONSIN SUCKS hangover accompanied by a serous bout of HAHAHAHawkeyes.

Welcome to a Monday morning where your Golden Gopher football team is 2-0, there are just 32 days until the Gopher Hockey team takes the ice in a meaningful game, and we are officially less than 2 months away from the Gopher men's hoops team playing a real game against American (?) !!!

On the the nuuuuuugz.

-With such a nice turnout by the U of M students at Saturday's games, with the Gophers doing what they were supposed to do against an FCS team, and with alcohol sales going smoothly at The Bank, there was nothing left for Reusse to make fun of. So Patrick took to flashbacks to the 70's instead. We wouldn't want to give the Gophs TOO much credit though.

We're not going to get in too much of a lather here, since Big Ten rushers are supposed to overrun blockers from the Colonial Athletic Association, but this seemed clear as Minnesota ended a two-game losing streak vs. FCS competition:

There are stronger, faster athletes than fans under 40 are used to seeing on the Gophers defensive front.

-Just in case PhilMill doesn't make his paycheck during the week with great journo and editorial pieces, he really makes it happen following a game...

-Donnell Kirkwood is totes ready to take on ALL THE CARRIES. But don't expect a definitive starter to be named. In the same article Philly tells us that Andre McDonald could have played, but he missed some time during the week due to an infection in his leg, so the coaching staff left him out.

-The punt game was much improved on Saturday, a fact that makes Coach Kill incredibly happy because "you can win games on field position."

-Despite his feeling better about the punt game, Coach Kill is convinced that the Gophers never should have had a chance to find out if the punt game was better or not. "...we should never have had to punt the damn ball."

-MarQueis Gray was more loose during play, and in the huddle.

-Rayno gets in the act with a nice piece on John Rabe, who sometimes feels like "another position coach."

-Lastly, from the Strib, alcohol sales went swimmingly on Saturday. Sip, Sip, HOORAY!

-On the east side of the River, Tom Powers points out that the Gophers sort of, kind of relish the Goliath role.

-From the "That's pretty damn good... I like it!" file, Coach Kill is happy for the win, but sees plenty of room for improvement.

-Wilhite and Hageman have a weekly contest for who will get the most sacks each week. The pair managed 3.5 combined sacks on Saturday, evidence that competition among the linemates is paying off for everyone.

-MV has some post-game thoughts about the W over New Hampshire.

-The Story That Just Won't Die... just won't die, thanks to The Daily.

Okay, that's all I've got for today. Who do you think I am, GoAUpher?

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