Last year we put up a 2012 Prediction Open Thread. It was pretty fun and to look back seeing many of your predictions. So lets do it again. This time around some of us are throwing ours out there for the world to judge us.

Matt gets us started

  1. Gopher FB shocks everyone and wins 9 regular season games, including taking home the Axe for the first time in a decade.
  2. Donnell Kirkwood and Nugget Williams will each rush for 800+ yards in 2013. If Berkley Edwards keeps his pledge, he rushes for 600+.
  3. Hoops finishes in the top 4 of the Big Ten, wins 2 games in the BTT before making it to the Sweet Sixteen.
  4. Hockey doesn't win the MacNaughton Cup but takes home their final Broadmoor, nets a #1 seed in the NCAA's en route to claiming their last national championship as a member of the WCHA.
  5. Tubby doesn't land Tyus Jones, but does manage to secure Reid Travis and Rashad Vaughn.
  6. A MAJOR facilities gift is announced by Norwood, President Kaler and T. Denny as the principal donor for a new football complex at the existing location. Jointly, basketball boosters will help break ground on a hoops practice facility. Combined, Teague is hailed for securing a transforming facilities plan for U athletics.
  7. Jerry Kill is named Big Ten COY, is awarded another extension though he fights more for assistant pay increases. At least one of his assistant coaches moves on.

I'll give a few. I'll try to be vague so there is more room for interpretation. :)

  1. Gopher Hoops - I'm riding high from the Michigan State win, but not too high. I think the Gophers finish tied for 3rd in the Big Ten. They bow out early in the Big Ten Tournament but make an Elite Eight run in the NCAA Tournament.
  2. Gopher Football - 8-4 and maybe 9 wins with a big upset thrown in there.
  3. Trophy Games - we bring home Floyd and the Axe, of this I am confident. Wisconsin will struggle next year and we can beat Iowa, both are at home.
  4. Gopher Hockey - National runners-up. Sorry guys, I just see us setup for a slight disappointment. But we will win the WCHA regular season and tournament.

What are your Golden predictions for 2013?

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