Gopher Basketball Recruiting and Next Year in General

Hi, this is my first post here, although I have made acouple at both the Daily Norseman and Twinkie Town, which, for those of you who dont know, are the SB Nation sites for the Vikings and the Twins, repectivley. First and foremost i would like to apologize about having no spaces between paragraphs, I dont know why it is like that, I tried to fix it but nothing will work, so whenever you see a - it is the start of a new topic. Thanks (ED NOTE: Was able to resolve.) So, what i wanted to ask about is recruiting in basketball. Please share your thoughts on any and all of the topics below:

Now that Tubby is gone, i feel that we will suffer in recruiting, although some think different. How about you guys?

Tyus Jones, Rashad Vaughn, Travis Reid do we have any real chance with these guys? (When i last checked ESPN, Jones was 1st and Vaughn 9th in the nation for the class of 2014, although i have seen Jones at 2 and 3 also, so I'm not sure how accurate that is.((Again for those of you who don't know, all of them are high school players in Minnesota from: Apple Valley and wherever Vaughn is from, DeLaSalle? No, that is Travis Reid...IDK))

Incoming Recruits, Alvin Ellis SG and Alex Foster PF, both are 3 star recruits from Chicago. From just a quick highlight search and watching Youtube videos, I think that Ellis has a greater chance of having an impact, but Foster is at a position of need now that seniors are leaving from the frontcourt. For those of you that know more about recruiting then i do: Are they likely to redshirt? How much of an impact will they have?

This years freshman, will they have more responsibility next year? Will Wally make an impact?

Who will replace the players that are leaving? We have a pretty large part of our team leaving who will be asked to play alot next year?

Lastly, the one I am hoping for a good answer to the most because I have limited knowledge on it is, recruiting, how does the schedule work in general? Because all I have to go off of is NCAA Basketball 09. So what I know from that is that there is in season recruiting, (for us Alvin Ellis and Alex Foster) ...and off season recruiting??? Basically, is our roster pretty much set for next year or do we still have a chance recruiting and/or getting transfers for next year?

And any other comments, questions, concerns you guys might have. Please let me know anything you have to say because i want more opinions then just mine, thanks is advance. (I apologize for all the spelling and grammer, I am doing this on an Ipod.)

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