Hockey: Can we do anything to limit early departures?

Call me a dead-horse beater, but I'm disappointed that the NHL has now claimed fully half of the men's Gopher hockey team's current junior class.
Alt, Bjugstad, Budish, Haula, and Schmidt have all signed, which leaves Condon, Holl, Parenteau, Serratore, and Shibrowski (a goalie).

Sure, no one's shocked by this news. But it still makes wonder if anything could be done to keep the NHL from blowing a gaping hole in the hull of our roster every year. As I lamented last week, we need strong senior leadership to achieve consistent results. I still think recruiting the right type of players will help a lot, but maybe there are more concrete changes that could be made.

So here are a few ideas, and a poll. One assumption is built in: the NHL won't do anything to help our cause, so any changes have to be made by the NCAA or the schools.
I'd love to hear what you all have to say (and any other ideas) in the comments.

1. Once you're drafted, you're no longer NCAA eligible.
This would probably weed out those who aren't that interested in college for anything other than free development. Enter the draft if you don't want to play in the NCAA; it's that simple.

2. No scholarships for draftees.
Okay, I see how this seems a little weird, but if you're that confident in your future in the NHL, why do you need a scholarship? Let the money go to those who want to play college hockey for its own sake.

3. If you leave early and sign within a year of departure, you have to pay back your previous scholarships.
I proposed this to a friend and he made the point that scholarships are technically for only one year, so when a player leaves, that money is available immediately. I also realize that there are lots of other types of scholarships (academic, for one), and applying this sort of rule to any of them would be absurd. So that might be a bit unfair.

4. If you graduate, you get free lunch in the cafeteria for life.
I've run out of ideas. You guys just go on without me.

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