Minnesota Football and Basketball links in The Golden Nugz - 09.17.13


First of all I want to call attention to an upcoming TDG event.

The Daily Gopher Tailgate

Details are being worked out and there will be an official announcement sometime today or tomorrow.  Put this on your calendar and plan to be there with us.  This is going to be a lot of fun.

  • Marcus contacted Gopher verbal commit, Gaelin Elmore and asked him his thoughts on Kill's seizures.
    "He's open to talking about it," Elmore said. "He never really made a big deal about it. So I don't see why I should, even if I have the right to. It's crazy how fast people overreact about this stuff."

    and this...

    "I was concerned just for coach Kill's safety but everything turned out to be good," Elmore said. "If people reacted like the Gophers football team did, we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now. They just kept going on and didn't even think about it."
  • ESPN post on how the Gopher Athletic Department is standing behind Coach Kill.
  • One Gopher Hole poster shares his letter to the Star Tribune Sports editors.
  • MN Daily quick hitter thoughts following the Western Illinois game.
  • ESPN's Big Ten Power Rankings through Week 3 has us 7th, ahead of Penn State.
  • There was one official visitor this past weekend.  Florida running back, Gregory Howell was in the stands.  Here is a Miami Herald feature on Howell and a preview of his Coral Gables team.
  • The BTN has this week's B1G Bowl projections.  Gophers vs. Kansas State in the Texas bowl.
  • OTE projects us to return to the Meineke Car Care Bowl facing Texas.
  • If college coaches want to watch Rashad Vaughn, they can't.
  • Gopher Hoops missed out on two more recruits this past weekend.  The list of potential recruits is dwindling.  Things are not at DEFCON 1 yet but I'm getting nervous.
  • Thoughts from Mike Krzyzewski on the NCAA transfer waivers that have seemingly been inconsistent lately.
  • These are the things that Jim Souhan and Phil Mackey hate.
  • Some great stuff from around the SBN Network of outstanding blogs.
  • Lastly I'll end with this piece from Joe Christensen on Kill's seizure and the subsequent media machine that went into action Saturday evening.
    Vicki Kopplin, the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota's executive director, refuted this point (the notion that people frequently die from Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy), noting Kill goes long stretches between seizures, while others with epilepsy have up to 100 seizures per day.

    "I was really, really concerned about the reference to SUDEP in relation to Coach Kill; I find it very irresponsible," Kopplin said. "People do die from SUDEP, but to my knowledge, nobody has ever died from SUDEP while receiving medical treatment."

    Kopplin was in Rebecca Kill's suite at TCF Bank Stadium when Kill's seizure struck Saturday.

    "They have a seizure plan of action, and it was beautifully executed," Kopplin said. "Everybody did exactly what they needed to do - the players, the coaches, the university, Rebecca, their daughter, Krystal - and there was a positive outcome."
The end.

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