NIT Tournament 2014: Bracket Review - Gophers Receive #1 Seed, Will Face High Point On Tuesday

Andy Lyons

The Gophers play High Point at The Barn on Tuesday at 7:15pm. The game will be broadcast on ESPN3 (yes, really).

Tonight's NIT Selection Show (with quality analysis provided by FIVE TIME NIT participating coach TIM MILES errr...Tim WELCH) didn't keep Gopher fans in suspense. Minnesota was the top #1 seed anounced, followed by Florida State, St. Johns, SMU. While it's not the tournament we all wanted it's more Gopher Basketball, which is always a good thing. Let's look at the bracket:




- Always nice to get the overall #1 seed, even if it's the NIT.

Good things?

1) The Gophers have home court advantage all the way through the NIT Quarterfinals. If they keep winning they will only play at The Barn (first 3 games) and Madison Square Garden (last two games).

2) California is not in their bracket which means we avoid the silly "COBB VS. GOPHERS: THE RECKONING" stories unless both teams are in the NIT Finals.

3) NIT tickets are $20. Not a bad price. I urge you to go if you can.


Less good things?

1) High Point is Tubby's alma mater. I'm sure some silly things will be written in relation to this.

2) The Gophers are playing on ESPN3. That should tell you all you need to know about why you always want the NCAA Tourney over the NIT.

Quick High Point Notes

- Finished 16-14 (12-4), good enough for 1st in the North division of the Big South Conference.

- RPI of 172

- KemPom has them ranked 248th.

- 305th worst defensive efficiency (KenPom)

- Looking at all the KenPom numbers quickly, here's your scouting report: bad at defense, bad at keeping teams off the offensive glass, pretty good at shooting the ball, horrible at free throws.

- Georgetown beat them by 35.


- No Indiana. Let's go to Tom Crean for a reaction.


Poor, poor, Indiana. Don't feel too bad for them though...

- Illinois is a 2 seed in St. John's portion of the bracket. They have to go on the road to Boston University, the 7 seed.

- I'd dig deeper but I'm hungry and don't care enough.


The Gophers make it to the Quarterfinals before finally getting tested by Missouri. I predict they beat Mizzou and head to Madison Square Garden. There they will face Florida State which puts MinnySeminole in a bind. They defeat FSU for the second time this season and face Arkansas in the Finals. The Gophers avenge their earlier loss and are crowned NIT Champions. And yes, I spent literally 45 seconds thinking that through. So it's guaranteed gold!




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