Amateur Scroll of the Sworn: Desmond Gant

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GoAUpher: Using "that's a paddling" in a FanPost. You better believe that's getting a bump. Oh, and Norsk brought us an update on the newest Gopher. I shake your hand Norsk, but I'm at the beach and it's nice and sunny and there is beer and bourbon and US/Ghana is coming up and I'm comfortable. So tip o' the cap it is.



"Look at Marge, she wrote her own article people! These articles don't write themselves." Chief Wiggum (At least that's how I remember it)






What's up with Matt not writing a Scroll of the Sworn about Desmond Gant? What, does he have a job and a life or something?

Please note, I know that we all know the great writers at TDG don't owe us squat. Perhaps he did already write it and I just missed it/forgot about it....but I'm too lazy to confirm this. Since I don't have 1% of the knowledge he has it, this is what you can expect to find this this fanpost:

  • Errors in facts
  • Theft from previously written articles and posts
  • Spelling mistakes and other typos
  • Amateur hour

Now that you have been forewarned, I don't want to hear any complaints....unless you feel like it; whom am I to judge.

Who is Desmond Gant?

I have it on good authority that he is a football player, soon to be a Gopher FOOTBALL player. Desmond (my favorite character from Lost) is the latest Gopher commit for the class of 2014....yes this coming season. He hails from Aurora, Illinois, and just graduated from East Aurora High School and is currently enrolled at the U of M.

Mr. Gant was named to the 2013 All-State football team by the Illinois High School Football Coaches' he's not bad. I believe he was rated as a 3-star prospect. However, he is listed by as an Athlete, not a Wide Receiver; perhaps his future is as a DB and perhaps a return man (see links at bottom).

Likely Fraudulent Measurables * from Gopher Sports:

* Don't blame me, this is a meme of Matt's...and it's just a joke about all recruits.

  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Speed: Pretty fast?
  • High School Bio:: Attended East Aurora High School in Aurora, Illinois • was named All-Conference and also received Honorable Mention 8A All-State recognition as a defensive back after recorded 41 tackles as a senior • caught three touchdown passes and averaged 20 yards per reception • returned three of his 13 kickoff returns for touchdowns and averaged 35 yards per return • finished eighth in the 200-meter dash (22.01) in the 3A track finals to earn All-State honors • was All-Conference in 100-meter, 200-meter and 4x200 meter relay • football coach was Kurt Becker.





So how did they fit him in within the scholarship limit? Bak's scholarship? Will someone else not qualify or will leave the program? No idea.


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