Minnesota Football: Intro Videos of the Kill Era

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GoAUpher: Hey, so I know I've been a ghost (#newjobproblems). As a result, I missed this great FanPost for a couple of days. Bumping away because I HEART GOOD ENTRANCE VIDEOS!

The Bank is filling up, the music is pumping, and the video screen is raving, getting the crowd pumped up for football. What are the best football introduction video of the Kill era?



For the last few years the Gopher Sport media team has been killing it, especially with the Brick-by-Brick video series. But before each game the show a little intro to pump up the crowd (this of course is as common as air....but I still like it). To be truthful, I don't remember (and don't want to remember) any of the Brewster era videos, they never left an impression on me....unlike the Kill era videos.

2011 - Year One

This is my favorite of the intro videos. The intense message, the Metallica, Coach Kill yelling. I new that despite the record at the end of 2011, the Gophers had turned to corner. Odd that I have the least to say about this video.

2012 - Year Two

My least favorite from the Kill era. The chanting works as does Gray yelling into the camera at the end, but I don't like Gray looking reflectively into the bathroom mirror or the pacing. To be honest, the players looked scared in the video (sorry guys, it wasn't you, it was the video). Of course who cares! They got back to a bowl game!

2013 - Year Three

Brick-by-Brick baby! Unleash the 'Shade. I liked how this was more player dominated (opposed to fan dominated in my opinion for the 2012 version) and how it showed history of the stadiums. Great job incorporating not only Brick-by-Brick but also Uncommon.


That will do Gopher, that will do. What do you think? Was I way off in my comments? What do you think this 2014 video should be like? I say it highlights the Bell (despite everyone thinking its a fake trophy) and beating Nebraska. In fact, just show highlights of those two games.


I just love these two videos.

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