Golden Nuggets

Golden Nugz: 4.16.14- You're the Only Ten I See

PLEASE RICHARD DON'T GO! Also, the most successful program in Mankato transformed from a rising star to a burning dumpster.

Golden Nugz 04.14.14 - The Monday After

Evening nugz are better than no nugz, right? Right. Here's your look around Gophers athletics on a cold, blustery Monday.

Lunchtime Nugz Talks Buggs, Tix Prices, & Bromance

Get your fresh links here!

Your Wed Nugz Is Screaming With Excitement!


Monday Nugz Celebrates A B1G Title

Women's Swimming and Diving dominates the rest of the conference plus more links.

Golden Nugz - 2.21.14 - DEFEAT OUR HAT!

It's aboot time we put those hosers in their place. GO 'MURKA!

Gold Medal Nugz - 2.20.14

Quick links for lunchtime.

Updated: Golden Nugz- 02-17-14

I understand that some of you have jobs that force you to go to work today. Since I have a job that doesn't burden me with work today, I've put together your daily look around the interwebz.

Red, White, and Blue Nugz- 02-15-14

Your daily look around gopher sports internetz.

Glden Nugz, Hoops Recruits, 2014 B1G FB and Pitino

I'll lead with this quick article from on incoming Gopher recruit,  Nate Mason.  It is a nice article on the kid with a few quotes. Due to his quickness and superior...


Golden Nugz - 01.16.14 - It Has Been a Long Time

Lot of stuff we could get to today, I'll go with a couple main themes. Football Recruiting Michigan thinks they are getting closer to stealing Jeff Jones.  The new offensive coordinator hire is...

The Nugz Remind You To Support Gopher Volleyball!

The Gophers face Radford tonight at 7pm and you should go! Plus other good stories from the Gopher universe.

Golden Nugz 11.27.13

Did Jerry Kill Make the Right Decision to Cancel the UNC series? Glen Mason sure thinks so.

Golden Nugz 11.25.13

Let's start the week with some Nugz, shall we? Nate Sandell of 1500ESPN says the Gophers aren't looking for any moral victories in their 10th straight loss to Wisconsin 20-7: "Physically, I...

Your Late Nugz Embraces HATE WEEK.

BYE WEEK is gone. HATE WEEK is here.

Friday Afternoon Nugz Get Us Ready For The Weekend

You know you needed some Gopher news.

Golden Nugz 11.11.13

Another big weekend for Gopher Football, Hockey, and Hoops (well, except for that whole Reid Travis announcement). Can the football team be ranked in two weeks when they face Sconnie? And will E!SPN Gameday be there?

Golden Nugz 11.8.13

Tons o' football links, Reid Travis to announce his school today (GOPHERS?!?!?), and hockey is back!

Golden Nugz 11.4.13

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! It's Monday morning, and I STILL feel this way about Minnesota's 42-39 victory over Indiana! The win already gave the Gophers an improvement over...

Golden Nugz 10.28.13

This is the first Monday in 53 years where you can wake up and say Minnesota beat Nebraska in football. That, my friends, is a helluva way to start a Monday. Joe C of the Strib says that while the...

Golden Nugz 10.21.13

Gopher victories for everyone, the starting QB vs Nebraska should be announced tomorrow, and much more in the Monday Nugz.

Golden Nugz 10.14.13

Gopher Hockey- both men's and women's- did some winning this weekend. So did the Wild. Speaking of "Wild", Gopher Football had Saturday off, but it was the "wildest" college football weekend this season. Speaking of days off, the Vikings...

Golden Nugz 10.7.13

Not a fun weekend for Gopher football but hey, Gopher hockey won a meaningless exhibition game!

Golden Nugz 10.02.13

Happy hump day! Or, if you're me at my workplace- Happy Omelet Wednesday! Love Omelet Wednesday. This week I thought I'd be glad to have Wedneday Nugz, since the media and interwebs would have...

Golden Nugz 9.23.13

Lots of praise for the 4-0 Golden Gophers heading into a #HATEWEEK Homecoming clash with Iowa.

Golden Nugz! - 9/11/13

BBC, #PN9X and OPTION FOOTBAAWWW, Macura and more!

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