Bakary Konate commits to Gophers

Richard Pitino and staff adds their 5th commitment to class of 2014.

Bierman is getting beat by a BADger

ESPN Big Ten blog is having a coaches tournament. The Gophers are rightfully represented by Bernie Bierman. He is currently being beat by Barry Alvarez. You should go vote your conscience on this one, but first, some facts... Bernie Bierman won 5 National Championships. Barry Alvarez won zero. Bernie Beirman had 4 undefeated seasons. Barry Alvarez had zero. Bernie Bierman won 7 Big Ten titles. Barry Alvarez won three. Bernie Bierman had zero losing seasons. Barry Alvarez had 5. Go forth, Gopher faithful, and vote.

MN Jersey Project: Gophers Uniform Evolution (1922-Present) - via Vintage MN Hockey

Want to lose some time to hockey history? Then be sure to check out this AWESOME site put together by Vintage Minnesota Hockey History (@VintageMNHockey). The project catalogues every jersey ever worn by every men's D-1 collegiate, amateur, and professional hockey team in Minnesota hisory.

This is all work funded and completed by Vintage MN Hockey, and I can't say enough about how awesome it is. Seriously, give it a look! The link above will take you to the Gophers section, but be sure to look at the other teams too.

The Sound of Victory: Songs Gopher Hockey & Others Blast In Their Winning Locker Rooms

Hat tip to Nate Wells (@gopherstate) for calling my attention to this fun article from USCHO that looks at the decision making, psychology, and tradition of selecting a "victory song" for post-game locker room celebrations. Both the women's and men's Gopher hockey teams are featured and I can guarantee you won't guess the Pride on Ice victory song.

Gophers Change Offseason Workouts - The Minnesota Daily

Nice writeup from The Daily. A sample:

"Gophers head coach John Anderson has always believed that the leader of a team has to be the team itself. That was on display this past summer, as members of the baseball team took the initiative to change the team’s offseason lifting routine."

S&C, it's not just for football.

Numbers Crunchers: Drive and Results Charts for 2013 FSU Football

Hey Gophers, I thought this may be of interest to some, because it can easily be done to replicate for the Gophers season (will just take some time). But it's a great tool to use in many different ways as a coach or a stats guy. It's not on the Level of our man Matt's Models, but it's something I did in my coaching life and what I was messing with throughout this year. So I put a blog post together and thought you guys might find it interesting on its merits (wrong team I know, more gopher homer takes :))


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