Let's See How Mbakwe's Doing

I no speaky the Italiiano so I'm just gonna have to hope the picture and cognates do all the work. Nice colors on that Roma logo and piping by the way.

Recruiting Tales

I just posted a new blog at my site Z Delay Special, and includes an interview with new Gopher, Melvin Holland Jr, who was awesome enough to talk to me for a while. Check it out if you get a chance

Interesting Recruiting Minutia

As a member of different college SBN sites, I try to pass along information that I think each fanbase would appreciate when I get the chance. This is a timely and good read on some of the details coming into play for NSD. the numbers game as it pertains to schollys is a pretty interesting topic by itself and this talks to that a little bit.

Stadium (history) News

Minn Post ran a story on the history of Minneapolis's first public football stadium, Parade Stadium. Despite me being old enough, I knew/remember nothing about this stadium.

Gopher's Up to 11 Seed in Bracketology

Largely on the basis of the win over Florida State and the stunning revelation that we are not required to lose against zone defenses, the Gophers have actually climbed into the tournament before we reach B1G play...again. Now it is up to R2P2 to live up to the real reason he was brought in: keep it up through the horror show that is the B1G without collapsing down the stretch like Tubby. If he does that, I will admit forever on here that I am an idiot for naysaying his hire. You can throw me in whatever substitutes for an internet pillory these days (I'm guessing the CNN comment boards).

Mike Rallis to the WWE

Article about how Mike Rallis is trying to make a go in the WWE.

Kill Yo Yo

College football coaches ranked by rap name power. Spencer Hall is a Genius

Free tickets to SJSU game

GoAUpher Note: Thanks Ratigaen! It looks like there may only be singles left, but still wanted to make sure this got a bump so no one would miss out. Courtesy of Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota and Gophersports. Get me while you can!

Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota: We Stand With Kill

"Coach Kill embodies strength, determination and character. We at the Epilepsy Foundation join his staff, team, doctors and university in celebrating and supporting Coach Kill and thank him for his example and leadership."

Richard Pitino Buys Big, Spendy House

New men's basketball coach Richard Pitino bought a new house in Edina for almost a million bucks. Good sign that Pitino will be staying at the U for a long time.


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