Gophers 37th in Home Field Advantage?

"While traditionally elite FBS teams should not fare well in this exercise, the same can be said (and noted in the chart) about teams that are traditionally really bad. Where homefield means most is with the next tier of teams behind the absolute elite - mostly BCS conference teams that can usually compete for conference titles, but who do not have four star recruits filling the two-deep and are not always legitimate BCS Championship contenders. That's when the raw value of homefield matters most; when the talent is strong but not elite and players are more susceptible to the impact of crowd noise, tradition and atmosphere. Personally, as someone who grew up with season tickets to Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin, I'm proud of number two - yet I also understand that Wisconsin is not an elite team with an elite recruiting class every season and a team likely to contend for a national championship. Given my explanation, I wonder if Oklahoma fans would feel the same way. "

OTE Iowa Preview: The One Where I Troll Iowa

I said they wouldn't win a B1G game. I expect that will bring about some displeasure.

Unequal Opportunities to Become a Kicker

An interesting article on the secret world of HS & College kickers.

Big Ten gets USCHO tab

If you want to know how the Big10 is doing in 2013 college hockey... The USCHO has created a tab for fans?

Coach Pitino Has A New Blog Post

Coach talks about his recruiting philosophy when it comes to the July eval period, what the team has been up to, and mentions a WSJ piece that reps the Twin Cities. He also drops in the fact that the team's non-con schedule will be released tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that. A short but interesting update (especially the recruiting part)

Richard Pitino Blog on

Go check out coach Pitino's first blog post with an update on his first few months and his thoughts on the current roster.

Hoke Stands Up for Big Ten, including Kill

The Big Ten is at a disadvantage by not having fertile recruiting grounds, but Hoke still thinks conference schools are doing well with what they have and what they're looking for. "I really believe in this conference, and everyone has to recruit the way they need to recruit for their school," he said. "It's all different. There are some that may have some things that they're very proud of and may be a little better in some people's eyes. But you look at the recruiting that Minnesota, Jerry Kill and his staff have done. It's an amazing conference of coaches that work awfully hard."

Gopher 247 Update on Local FB recruits

Free update on the top local football recruits.

Gopher Hockey: Primed for Pittsburgh

Goph talent and discipline should lead them to the regional final for an epic showdown against the Wioux. Read why the back-to-back is somewhat concerning. But, with Wioux looming, the Goph can/should advance.

Tweetbag - Gophers v. Gators Recap

Frustrating loss for the Gophers against a beatable Gators squad. Unfortunately, Billy Donovan exposed Tubby's strategery and forced the Gophers into countless TOs. I mean, the Gophers struggled to execute an inbounds play from half court. The side inbounds is one of the hardest plays in basketball to defend and yet the Gators managed to stop the Gophers not once, but twice.


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