NIT Champion Gophers Celebrate In Times Square


Here's a picture guaranteed to keep that happy feeling going. HATS OFF to the Gophers! Enjoy the night! (h/t to @GopherBBall)



Can someone with photoshop skills replace the Seminole with Tim Brewster? I do not have photoshop or the skills to do it otherwise I would. It would be much appreciated and worth the LOL's!



Well, the Gophers won. UStreet will have more substance later. I'm going to bed.

Oto Might Play In The NIT Tomorrow Night?


Is it possible that Oto might play tomorrow? Per ESPN 1500:

"The Gophers' postseason run in the NIT has apparently lasted long enough for Osenieks to return to the practice court and he could even play in the team's Tuesday semifinal against Florida State at Madison Square Garden."

The word is that he still plans to hang it up after the season, but this is an unexpected development.

Adam Wilcox...A Man of Many Talents


Watch Adam Wilcox solve a Rubik's Cube

Bierman is getting beat by a BADger


ESPN Big Ten blog is having a coaches tournament. The Gophers are rightfully represented by Bernie Bierman. He is currently being beat by Barry Alvarez. You should go vote your conscience on this one, but first, some facts... Bernie Bierman won 5 National Championships. Barry Alvarez won zero. Bernie Beirman had 4 undefeated seasons. Barry Alvarez had zero. Bernie Bierman won 7 Big Ten titles. Barry Alvarez won three. Bernie Bierman had zero losing seasons. Barry Alvarez had 5. Go forth, Gopher faithful, and vote.

Amir Coffey Hits Half-Court Game Winner in State Tournament


The son of former Gopher, Richard Coffey. Amir hits a shot from beyond half-court to spoil Shakopee's upset bid in the State Tournament.

Gopher Football: Spring Offensive Line Talk


Coach Limegrover talks about the offensive line and Jonah Pirsig's strong spring.

MN Jersey Project: Gophers Uniform Evolution (1922-Present) - via Vintage MN Hockey


Want to lose some time to hockey history? Then be sure to check out this AWESOME site put together by Vintage Minnesota Hockey History (@VintageMNHockey). The project catalogues every jersey ever worn by every men's D-1 collegiate, amateur, and professional hockey team in Minnesota hisory.

This is all work funded and completed by Vintage MN Hockey, and I can't say enough about how awesome it is. Seriously, give it a look! The link above will take you to the Gophers section, but be sure to look at the other teams too.

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