Gopher Hockey

Gopher Hockey: B1G Ten Roundup 03/11/2014


It's time for your Tuesday roundup. Warning: I'm feeling venomous today.

Gopher Hockey Takes Four Points at OSU


The champagne showers will have to wait. Still, it's hard to be too disappointed with a win/tie weekend on the road. If it wasn't for the dumb shootout, we'd all probably feel a lot better.


Gopher Hockey: Know Thine Enemy Redux- Ohio State

The Gophers and Ohio State, are we looking in the mirror, or are we looking through the bottom of a serum vial at an alter ego that doesn't know how to play defense?

MN Jersey Project: Gophers Uniform Evolution (1922-Present) - via Vintage MN Hockey


Want to lose some time to hockey history? Then be sure to check out this AWESOME site put together by Vintage Minnesota Hockey History (@VintageMNHockey). The project catalogues every jersey ever worn by every men's D-1 collegiate, amateur, and professional hockey team in Minnesota hisory.

This is all work funded and completed by Vintage MN Hockey, and I can't say enough about how awesome it is. Seriously, give it a look! The link above will take you to the Gophers section, but be sure to look at the other teams too.

The Sound of Victory: Songs Gopher Hockey & Others Blast In Their Winning Locker Rooms


Hat tip to Nate Wells (@gopherstate) for calling my attention to this fun article from USCHO that looks at the decision making, psychology, and tradition of selecting a "victory song" for post-game locker room celebrations. Both the women's and men's Gopher hockey teams are featured and I can guarantee you won't guess the Pride on Ice victory song.

Gopher Hockey: B1G Ten Roundup 03/03/2014


Here's your weekly/giffy look at the B1G Hockey Conference.

Gopher Hockey Weekend Review- March 2, 2014


The Nittany Lions came into town looking to steal a few points. The Gophers came in looking to solidify their grip on the Conference Championship Trophy.

Gopher Hockey: Senior Night 2014 Open Thread


Tonight we close out the season series against the Kitteny Lions and hopefully have a nice Battle Hymn sendoff for five departing seniors.

The "Let's Show them Pride On Ice" Open Thread


If Penn State wants to steal "Pride on Ice," they had better show up ready to pry it from our cold, dead fingers. Also, they might want to win a few thousand more games.

Gopher Hockey: B1G Ten Roundup 02/25/2014


Your weekly look around the hockey conference, including black holes, plane crashes, and the Murdertrain.

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