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"You couldn’t beat James Madison, and you think you’re going to beat Stanford? Sorry, Hokies, but...


"You couldn’t beat James Madison, and you think you’re going to beat Stanford? Sorry, Hokies, but that dream is even more hopeless than your fantasy that some day, many centuries from now, the world will forget that your team was once known as the Fighting Gobblers — named not for a pugnacious turkey, but for the table manners of your football players."

A major metro daily allowed one of its staff writers to put that in its paper. And people wonder why journalism is dying. HT: jmrgn. UPDATE: As ITB points out below, there was a companion article written by a VT grad that ran along with the one above. It's not AS stupid as the Stanford one and the VT guy appears to have actually done some research, but still -- sheesh.

A plea for Sam Carchidi to become a better hockey writer


In his coverage of the Philadelphia Flyers at the Inquirer over the last year, Sam Carchidi has left much to be desired.

The Ottawa Sun: Desperately seeking integrity


I'm going to take a page out of the 6th Sens playbook and take a look at this Ottawa Sun article ("Spezza needs to go: Fans"), paragraph by paragraph. Because this isn't news. This isn't a story....

Continued apathy by sports media toward women’s sports "an essential journalism failure"


Eric Deggans of the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center describes why "Continued apathy by sports media toward women’s sports a bigger problem than first meets the eye". I'm quoting this section at length because I think it makes his claim clearest: "Such lines remind me of similar observations made on coverage featuring people of color, especially regarding crime. Journalists realized long ago how easy it is to pass along assumptions about racial minorities in news coverage, spending lots of time thinking about ways to break down and subvert those dynamics in the interest of fairer more accurate reporting. Don’t women in sports deserve the same effort? The study offers some recommendations on solutions; hiring more female journalists and encouraging sports organizations to pitch female athletics better, for instance. But the gap won’t really improve until sports journalists see the disparity as an essential journalism failure – a continuing and worsening inequality that is distorting how sports fans see female athletes and women in general, continuing a cycle that intensifies their marginalization in a vibrant marketplace. How can any of us stay apathetic facing a possibility like that?" This goes back to my point about the coverage of the UConn women's basketball team -- at some point, these type of things are not about social responsibility but a #JournalismFail. I do agree with other commentators that have noted it's as much a cultural problem as a media problem. Nevertheless, Deggans does make a compelling argument that it's a failure of journalistic accuracy to omit women's sports on such a large scale.

"The Persecution of Excellence": Why sensationalistic journalism is bad for women's basketball


The argument that UConn must somehow be "bad for women's basketball" because they are exceptionally good at women's basketball was so completely illogical, incoherent, and shallow that there simply...

New York Media Distorts Carcillo Comments, Misleads Ranger Fanbase


The New York media's despicable and irresponsible actions on Thursday night misled an entire fanbase about events in the game.

I'll just let that speak for itself...


I'll just let that speak for itself...

Tony's Top 5: Most hopeless franchises in baseball - Tony Massarotti sports blog - Boston.com


I think I'll just take the 5 worst records in the NL and slam them with no real insight into their farm, their future, their payroll constraints, or any real objectivity. Hey, Boston's pretty good, huh? What fries me is his "rationale" is a tweet-sized blurb that pretty much shows he doesn't know what he's talking about.

I Propose a Nickname Contest for Patrick Reusse


For awhile I decided not to link to his spiteful columns about the University of Minnesota. No more. I'm going to link to all of his drivel and point to areas where he strategically omitted facts,...

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