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The Official Pac-12 Announcement for Conquest Chronicles

Pac-12 launch day information, straight from the Pac-12, on Conquest Chronicles.

Conquest Chronicles: USC Should Re-hire Tim Floyd: Pat Haden Can Right Mike Garrett's Wrong


Looks like some USC fans over at Conquest Chronicles, SB Nations USC site, miss Tim Floyd a great deal. What a difference a couple of months makes. My message to them: You can't have him!

USC Trojans dominate second half and finish off the Gophers

USC Trojans dominate second half and finish off the Golden Gophers

TDG Pictures from USC game

First play of the game... Gopher cheerleader And the USC Cheerleaders ! (and a lot more after the jump) Pre-snap of the initial touchdown of the game. Ryan Collado manning up on David...

Dispatch from Galen: UTEP Confident in Floyd, Recruiting Grades, & Other Notes - Conquest Chronicles


As you have probably heard by now, the NCAA is expected to release the findings of their investigation into USC football and basketball tomorrow. Here's another good read from Conquest Chronicles on Floyd. Expect more Floyd coverage later today and leading up to tomorrow's announcement. Excerpt: "People often forget that Tim Floyd had no history of NCAA violations before coming to USC in 2005. He wasn't some John Calipari which had left other programs in absolute shambles before leaving to coach elsewhere. Because of that, as well as other reasons, I've often felt that the rumor that Floyd handed Guillory $1,000 in cash in the middle of Figueroa Boulevard to be rather unlikely. But at the same time, it's hard to imagine that Floyd and USC ran a squeaky clean program during his stint with the Trojans as evident by the self-sanctions that came out in January. We'll learn more in a few days, but it's comforting to hear that UTEP is confident in Floyd's testimony."

Conquest Chronicles: Media Missing Big Picture With Floyd Hire


Joey Kaufman at Conquest Chronicles has an excellent write-up on the press coverage following UTEP's hiring of Tim Floyd.

The Seantrel Henderson Sweepstakes


The Seantrell Henderson Sweepstakes update

Why the Vilification of Tim Floyd Bothers Me So Much


A Michigan Blogger weighs in on the Vilification of Tim Floyd, the USC OJ Mayo scandal, and the media's insistence on rushing to judgment.

Talking points: who's got the Munchies?


A round up of the day's news for Tennessee Volunteer fans, including a blurb on the QB recruit with the name everyone loves: Munchie Legaux.

Pac-10 Roundtable, Week 10


Here's a shout out to Conquest Chronicles for hosting this week's roundtable. We always enjoy them... but they probably hate the Beavers more then they hate UCLA :-D. 1. Things are starting to...

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