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Gophers Drop Texas Bowl to Syracuse 21-17


First and foremost, this was a highly entertaining season.  There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to Gopher football.  2013 was a lot of fun and there is a lot of anticipation for 2014....

Texas Bowl Preview - The Road To 9 Wins


We take Tim Brewster on the road this week. The Brew Fear Factor and more preview goodness is just a click away!

TDG Fan Guide To Houston

HoustonGopherGal and her husband were kind enough to share their local knowledge and put together a fan guide for any Gophers fans who are headed to Houston!

A Salesman's Salesman


The Orange are going bowling mostly likely because Daryl Gross is a master of the sell.

Gopher Bowl Projections- Week 12


The Gophers had a bye week, and yet in the eyes of "Bowl Projectionists" have actually improved their bowl standings. Last week the majority vote said it was back to the Texas Bowl in Houston. This...


Looking at some of the bowl possibilities for Iowa

Practice Reports And Looks At Live Action


Coach Holgorsen's presser, practice reports including an early quasi-depth chart, Shell is enrolled, soccer starts, pro updates, Big 12 roundup & more

A New Name for a Big Ten Bowl


As we entered the 2010 football season, there was quite a bit of change for the Big Ten Bowls. Out went the Alamo. In came the Gator. Goodbye Champs. Hello Dallas Football Classic (until it became the Ticket City Bowl). 2011 is a quieter year for bowls. The Big Ten will not be changing its affiliations this season. However, that doesn't mean that all will be the same. The Texas Bowl, in which Illinois beat Baylor last season, is changing its name to the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas. "Wait," you say, "Isn't there already a Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte? How will I ever keep these straight?" Fear not. The old Meineke Car Care Bowl is now the Belk Bowl. So there will still only be one Bowl that cares about your car. And, that bowl will pit the 5th non-BCS selection from the Big Ten against the 5th non-BCS selection from the Big 12. Off Tackle Empire's January Bowl Projections had Michigan facing Texas Tech in the Texas Bowl. At the conclusion of Spring Practices, we'll update our bowl projections, and we'll find out who's slated to be playing in the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas.

Texas Bowl Renamed The Meineke Car Care Bowl Of Texas


Not to be confused with the bowl formerly known as the "Meineke Car Care Bowl (of Charlotte)" ... now Belk Bowl, where BC has a perfect 2-0 record.

Can BC Keep Winning Despite Getting Outrebounded? And The Big Finish


Boston College basketball won the battle of the boards against Bucknell, snapping a four game streak where the Eagles got outrebounded. Can BC continue to win despite getting beat on the boards?

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