What an incredible win

I was unable to watch the game yesterday so I'm spending this morning examining the box score and reading as much as I could.  Here are a few of my thoughts and I'd love to hear what you all thought as well.

  1. We gave up a lot of yards and first downs but two stats really stood out to me.  First was five sacks.  That is a lot and at some point I'd like to know if Juice has ever been sacked five times in one game before.  But the radio guys were commenting on how he appeared beat up in the last few minutes.
  2. The second stat was related to yards but we only gave up 88 yards on the ground!  For a team that just ran for 191 against Michigan last week that is incredible.
  3. We finally ran the ball!  Eskridge with 124 yards, a TD and from I have read broke off a few nice runs. 
  4. A goal line stand that really sent a message.  I haven't seen it yet but I cannot wait to see this goal line stand.

Kent Youngblood of course had nothing but good things to say but this comment sums it all up for me.

The 27-20 victory was a testament to big plays by a cohesive team with an iron jaw that kept the Gophers standing where they might have fallen in the past.

I am so excited bythis win and we'll talk more what this means as well as what our expectations should be for the rest of the year.

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