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What to do with a bye week...

Top 10 things to do on a fall Saturday when the Gophers are not playing...

10.  Get outside and enjoy the beautiful day.

9.  Watch last week's Minnesota upset at Illinois on TiVo!

8.  Do some advance scouting by watching the Purdue @ Northwestern game.

7.  Call all of your Wisconsin friends and ask them what is wrong with their team?

6.  Watch an SEC game but be careful we aren't used to watching that kind of speed.  You might get motion sickness.

5.  Tell your wife or girlfriend that you want to skip the Gopher game today and spend some quality time with her this afternoon.

4.  Then watch the Gopher hockey game tonight.

3.  Spend your afternoon reading archived posts on The Daily Gopher then send an e-mail to all of your friends telling them about your favorite blog.

2.  E-mail Joel Maturi and thank him for the hiring of Tubby Smith and Tim Brewster.

1.  Sit down in front of the TV and watch whatever football game you can find from 11:00 AM till 11:00 PM.