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Golden Nuggets for 10.20.08

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So, the Gophers are ranked #25 in the nation about 10 months after they ended a 1-11 season. This certainly shows signs of progress.

But, in reality, a ranking of any kind means a bunch of nothing right now.

Here's Tim Brewster and Joel Maturi from the PiPress, both sounding the right chord.

"We're pleased, but polls mean nothing now," Gophers coach Tim Brewster said in a statement. "At the end of the year, let's see where we're at. The only concern we have right now is Purdue."

Bloviating about polls isn't necessarry, and Brewster knew that. The ranking means nothing if the Gophers don't take care of business at Purdue on Saturday.

And from Maturi, who took considerable heat for hiring Brewster last season:

"It's always exciting," Maturi said about being nationally ranked. "I'm sure it was a goal for Tim Brewster and this football team. It shows just what kind of magical turnaround could be happening in 2008, but we've got five games to play. We have to be ready, because all these teams could beat us, just as well as we could beat them."

Maturi is correct too. Every game remaining on the 2008 schedule is winnable. And the Gophers could also lose each game. Travelling to Purdue and Wisconsin won't be easy. A win against Northwestern would be, arguably, Minnesota's best this season. And Iowa and Michigan aren't going to be pushovers.

Instead of looking for hotel rooms in Pasadena, let's take this one game at a time, shall we?