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Golden Nuggets for 10.27.08

The Gophers are ranked #20 in the AP poll. That's the team's highest position since the 1999 season. And the Gophers are 17th in the new BCS rankings. Highest ever in the BCS era.

The Gophers reached these heights by playing another game of ball-hawking, capitalistic defense. After beating Purdue 17-6, the Gophers took advantage and moved ahead of a bunch of medicore teams to a ranking that is surely making Patrick Russee blush.

The Gophers aren't great. They have plenty of weaknesses, most notably an offensive line that allowed Adam Weber to get beaten up all day. And MIke Dunbar's schemes don't do a lot to protect Weber. Rarely are tight ends or backs left in for blocking duties. A young offensive line is paying the price for this. Thank goodness Weber is tough.

Weber did indeed hurt his nose on Saturday writes the Minnesota Daily. In that tarticle, Brewster lauds Weber's toughness. Rightfully so.

 “I can’t say enough about Adam Weber,” head coach Tim Brewster said Saturday after the game. “He was under siege all day, ran the ball, threw the ball, he may have a broken nose right now … I’ve got so much admiration for him, his toughness, his courage and his leadership ability.”

The Gophers have yet another winnable game this week. It's Homecoming and Northwestern is coming to down banged up and pissed off. Can this unbelieveable season continue?