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Golden Nuggets for 10.29.08

So, GN is paranoid about this weekend. Here's a sampling of an instant message conversation from Tuesday evening.

GN: I gotta say, Saturday's game is making me a bit nervous. This is when overconfidence steps in.

PJS: Not when NW was ranked just last week.

GN: But their entire team is hurt, we are at home, we are feeling good about ourselves and are looking forward to Michigan next week.

PJS: A bit paranoid are we?

GN: I have a bad feeling, that's all.

PJS: Don't you know that Tim Brewster is going to be the coach of the year? He can't win that if he loses to Northwestern.

GN: Next three weeks are rivalry games that we have a chance to win.

PJS: I'm using this convo as the intro to the Nugz!

GN: I'll edit it after you go to bed. (GN ed note: I didn't edit anything)

This exercise in relaying our trivial instant messages has a purpose. I'm curious ... Do you think the Northwestern game this weekend, because of where it falls on the schedule, overconfidence or another reason has the criteria of a typical trap game?

If we were on the road, or if CJ Bacher was healthy, I might agree. But a Bacher-less Wildcats team is beatable, in my opinion. And I also don't see the Gophers overlooking the Wildcats because at this time last week Pat Fitzgerald's squad was nationally ranked.

I'm not buying GN's paranoia. You?