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Northwestern @ #17 Minnesota

Halftime Update

OK, so lowlight of press box (besides the DG curse) is either my computer sucks or the wireless network sucks, cause my connection is spotty at best.

After the slow start the offense and defense they played much better and at least we are even to start the third quarter. That last drive for a FG was the best the offensive line has played all day. When Weber gets time he will find an open receiver, especially with the better play of Green.

NU is living and dying by Kafka, with the exception of one pass he has played well. His long run was 100% on Deon Hightower who was spying Kafka, took a bad angle and missed him at the line of scrimmage. If they are going to spy on Kafka I'd really like to see it done with Simoni and he was pretty quiet in the first half.

This game is going to come down to the last several minutes, neither team is playing well enough or poor enough to pull away.


Northwestern's offense has gone with short passes, QB runs until we fell asleep then they hit us with the big play. The defense got better and in the last two minutes the offense really been rolling as well.

In my astute coverage of the offensive line I am forced to grade #53-DJ Burris with an F. His man has gone right by him on two or three pass plays and on a key run play. Twice on third down it was his man's pressure on Weber that ended the drive. We'll see how he improves, but Q1 was not pretty for Burris.

From the press box it is easy to see the blocking and how well holes are opened up.


After some issues finding my press pass, then finding my seat, then getting connected to this thing called the internet, I am finally online from the press box.

As dictated by you, we are going to spend a lot of time watching the offensive line today. Here are your starters along the line...

LT-Alford (or Meinke)

I spent this morning cramming with a buddy of mine who is an OL coach for a local high school to get some pointers on what to look for. I'm watching closely and will report back.

Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping by. GN is probably already at the game where there will hopefully be a raucous crowd. I'm here in my Virginia living room and will try to give periodic updates for those that don't have television access.

The game is on ESPN2.