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Blog Poll v.11.1

The following is my Week 11 ballot.  For me, this was the most difficult week.  It was pretty easy to find the top 20 teams, but the specific order was a bit challenging.  After that there are no teams who seem like they "want" to be ranked.  You can make a strong argument against most of the teams I have in the 20-25 spots, but I have to rank SOMEBODY.  I'm not going to rank BYU or Tulsa so don't even bother.  If your strength of schedule is 100+ and you have a loss you don't belong in the top 25.  Ball State is on notice (SOS of 118) but they are undefeated so they'll remain in my top 15 although top 10 will be a stretch for them even if they finish 12-0.

At the top I decided to catapult Texas Tech to the #1 spot.  Alabama is good but they play to their opponents level every week.  Texas Tech had one scare against Nebraska but has dominated everybody else not named Texas.  They have a sexy offense with great skill position players but they also have a great offensive line and a good defense.  I got chided with my pre season blog poll for putting TT in my top 10, but I think as it stands right now they are the team to beat. 


Rank Team Delta
1 Texas Tech 3
2 Alabama 1
3 Texas 2
4 Florida 1
5 Southern Cal 2
6 Oklahoma --
7 Penn State 5
8 Ohio State 1
9 Georgia 1
10 Oklahoma State 2
11 Missouri --
12 Utah 3
13 Boise State --
14 LSU 2
15 Michigan State 2
16 Ball State --
17 North Carolina 1
18 Pittsburgh 3
19 Florida State 6
20 California 1
21 TCU 7
22 Oregon State 4
23 Cincinnati 3
24 South Carolina 2
25 Virginia Tech 1


Dropped Out: West Virginia (#20), Georgia Tech (#22), Northwestern (#23), Kansas (#24).

I know this may fall on deaf keyboards as the Blog Poll was more fun when the Gophers were in the mix, but tell me what I'm missing here.