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Golden Nuggets for 11.12.08

Even after a couple losses the coaching rumor mill hasn't died down for Tim Brewster.  We still get multiple e-mails a day for stories tying Brewster to Tennessee or other vacancies.  Well the Tennessee blog Third Saturday in Blogtober has finally given their Tim Brewster entry in their Better Know a Candidate series of potential candidates for the Tennessee vacancy.

I really like Tim Brewster because he knows how important recruiting is and he’s good at it, but he looks to me like he could be the next Ron Zook. Think about it, he’s likable, and a good recruiter, but can he compete with the coaches in the SEC in recruiting or on the field? He just needs more experience as a head coach for me to believe he’s not just a flash in the pan.

I hope he doesn't have to compete with coaches in the SEC more than once during the regular season and maybe a bowl game.

Ultimately I agree with the take that it is too soon to determine anything about Brewster except that he is a great recruiter.  A year ago I preached that you can't crucify him after one season and we also cannot declare him the next Bernie Bierman after this 7-3 season.  It is all too early.  I doubt he'll get an offer too good to refuse based only on this season.

  • Gopher hockey has moved up in the polls to #2 in the nation.  After tieing and then beating New Hampshire, Minnesota moved up two spots and sits behind Boston University.
  • More crazy coaching rumor mill business.  Brewster starts the season on the hot seat, then takes his team to 7-1 and he gets mentioned for every coaching vacancy in D1.  Iowa's Kirk Ferentz has moved from the hotseat to the NFL rumor mill with one win over Penn State (I think they were ranked or something).  
  • Not sure if you heard, but Eric Decker will not be playing this weekend in Madison. 
  • Varsity Blue wraps up the Gopher/Michigan game from their perspective.
  • Down With Goldy has updated his site.  It is black and looks sharp.  He quickly marks the Gophers as the #1 team that sucked over the weekend.
  • And Buck Bravo gives an accurate run down of the good, the bad and the ugly from the Gopher loss to Michigan.