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Blog Poll v.12.1

The top half is exactly as it was a week ago and the bottom half is completely different. 

Some thoughts:

I didn't drop LSU very far but I wanted them to sit right behind Ball State, I figured that was punishment enough for needing 30  points in the 4th quarter to beat Troy. 

Big Ten love for Northwestern and Iowa.  The Iowa vote serves two purposes.  One, I think they are playing really well right now with a very good defense and Shonn Greene being the best back you've never heard of.  They may finish 5th in conference but they are the fourth best team that will come out of the Big Ten.  Secondly I'm hoping getting some votes will serve as a jinx of some sort so they will fail miserably to the Gophers on Saturday night.

I want so badly for Oregon State to win their last two games and earn the Pac 10 Champs berth into the Rose Bowl.  Don't let USC get another championship outright.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas Tech --
2 Alabama --
3 Texas --
4 Florida --
5 Southern Cal --
6 Oklahoma --
7 Penn State --
8 Ohio State --
9 Georgia --
10 Oklahoma State --
11 Missouri --
12 Utah --
13 Boise State --
14 Michigan State 1
15 Ball State 1
16 LSU 2
17 Pittsburgh 1
18 Oregon State 4
19 TCU 2
20 Cincinnati 3
21 Oregon 5
22 Northwestern 4
23 Iowa 3
24 Maryland 2
25 Miami (Florida) 1


Dropped Out: North Carolina (#17), Florida State (#19), California (#20), South Carolina (#24), Virginia Tech (#25).

Your thoughts and criticism are welcome.

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