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Who Hates Iowa?

We hate Iowa!  It's not so much that they are so hated, it just kind of rolls off the tongue. Usually this is the forgotten trophy around here.  The Jug means something cause it is Michigan.  The Axe means something because we all hate Wisconsin.  But since we don't have either of those, lets get the one trophy that has spent more time in Minnesota than the rival's trophy case.

To get you all ready for this weekend's showdown for Floyd of Rosedale, I thought we should have a quick history lesson to get us up to speed on some of the finer moments in recent Hawkeye sports history...

(Note: I'd love to string this out into more than one post, but we have real teams outside of football to talk about here.)


Started promising for the always overrated Hawkeyes.  The 5-1 start climaxed with a #13 ranking in the AP poll before a trip to Indiana brought the mediocre Hawkeyes back to reality.  Drew Tate led the Hawkeyes to a brilliant 2-6 Big Ten record over the final eight games of his senior season.  Fortunately for the Hawkeyes, Northern Illinois was mixed into the schedule late to avoid seven game losing streak to end the season.  Minnesota handed Iowa one of those losses in a game where Brian Cupito was just too much to handle.  Floyd spent the year at home, in Minnesota.

This was the year of stunning collapses from overrated Hawkeye teams as this gem preceded the football collapse...

They have been able to achieve mediocrity in football, but their basketball has always been terrible.


If 2006 was spectacular, 2007 must have been better right?  How about

Iowa State-15

This win for Iowa State, who must have been really good, launched them to a 3-9 record.  A classic battle of the titans which was met with a collective yawn from the sports world. 

And if a Hawkeye fan starts making fun of the Gophers for losing to a MAC team last year, remind them of this.

Western Michigan - 28
Iowa - 19

Yes, we lost to Bowling Green, but at least they won their conference and went to a Bowl.

On the plus side for Iowa they were able to beat Minnesota during our worst season in school history.  And they were able to rack up almost 300 yards and 21 whole points against the worst defense in all of college football (that allowed 500 yds and nearly 30 points per game).  The 2007 Gopher team is worthy of making fun of and we were dominated by many teams, Iowa was not one of them.

The facts are often lost on delusional Hawkeye fans

  • We have a higher win% over Iowa than every other Big Ten team (except Northwestern, but who doesn't).
  • Floyd of Rosedale started as ours, has usually been ours and will be ours.
  • Iowa is the most boring state ever.  Well, except for Des Moines, they have an terrific nightlife down there.
  • Time to choose sides...






This game means a little something for us here at TDG.  A bet has been made with the fine folks soon to be dejected folks at Blackheart, Gold Pants.  It is important for all of us that we win this game/bet or you may be forced to look at some gay porn on this upstanding site for 24 hours.  (I'm not kidding, they love gay porn).