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Golden Nuggets 11.21.08

I'm pretty sure this is the best idea I've had in awhile.

One member of the TDG community should be placed on the new football stadium's Game Day Opearations Committee's subcommittee assigned to create a culture of tailgating at TCF Bank Stadium. Simply put, if it's a bunch of stuffy suits on this committee, they'll most definitley mess it up.

The Minnesota Daily outlines the committee in an article here.

They have yet to decide where to designate student tailgating areas or if alcohol will be allowed, Wistrcill said, but the policies will be laid out by the end of the school year, possibly the end of winter.

Senior student and Interfraternity Council President Dustin Norman was appointed to the tailgating subcommittee to represent students.


Norman said he advocated allowing alcohol on tailgating sites because a good portion of the student population is of the legal drinking age.

Good start Norman! He seems like a fine representative. But perhaps having someone from the alumni community, you know, those of us who buy season tickets and like to tailgate should also be represented on the committee.

Though it might not really matter. And this Norman guy's effort might just get overlooked.

Ultimately, all decisions will be made by the two chairs of the Game Day Operations Committee, Laurie Scheich, associate vice president of auxiliary services and Athletics Director Joel Maturi.

I'm sure both AD Maturi's and Ms. Scheich's emails are a Google search away!

  • Another Minnesota Daily article, this time courtesy of the Big Ten Network, gives a tidbit I never knew. The group of four-year Minnesota seniores who will be playing their last game at the Metrodome on Saturday have never won eight games during the regular season.
  • The Bleacher Report lays into Kentucky caoch Billy Gillispie, with a heaedline titled "Billy Gillispie Building Greatness on Corruption." Various shots at Gillispie's methods including "cheaters never win." OUCH.
  • In the same article, a writer from The Badger Herald notes that Bret Bielema is on the hot seat and puts Minnesota with three other clubs that are on the rise. This makes that heartbreaking second half collapse all the more frustrating.
  • Former interim men's basketball coach Jim Molinari--who I always thought did a good job with what he had--grabbed his first win the other day as coach of Western Illinois. Congratulations to Molinari.
  • Is this true? Is the Minnesota football season a success no matter how it ends? That's what Joel Maturi said.  I suppose that is true based on early season expectations. But four or five straight losses would be damn disappointing.
  • Finally, here's a self-serving update of the TDG office pool, I probably don't post this if I'm languishig near the bottom with GN!!!!

Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 PJS's picks 124-38 124
2 bigcountry's picks 122-40 122
3 TJcentex's picks 121-41 121
4 crafdog's picks 119-43 119
5 WyoGopher's picks 114-48 114
6 illini81887 113-49 113
6 IDFM's picks 113-49 113
8 tthomas's picks 112-50 112
9 tree44's picks 111-51 111
9 GopherNation's picks 111-51 111
9 Nittany Ramblings 111-51 111
9 neide's picks 111-51 111
13 buddylee853's picks 108-54 108
14 Buster's picks 105-57 105
15 tommyallenn's picks 104-58 104
16 ryansland's picks 71-91 71
17 danoo08's picks 51-111 51
18 jwscott222's picks 37-125 37
19 rebeltime's picks 24-138 24