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Golden Nuggets for 11.26.08

This is late again, only premieum subscribers get the early edition.  There of course are not subscriptions, but for the right price we might be able to e-mail you somehting a little earlier.

Ed Note #2 - As a result of the close loss on Saturday night the guys over at BHGP have won our little blogger bet.  As a result they get a post on TDG for the day.  Be careful what links you click and despite being Iowa fans they are good guys and try not to get too riled up over what may appear on this fine blog.

Lets kick things off this morning with a few choice words from Gopher hockey coach, Don Lucia as he talked about some of the biggest changes he has seen over career.

"The biggest change in my ten years at Minnesota is the exposure. Gopher games on TV, pre & post game shows & talk radio. "

"The internet has probably had the biggest impact, because it is a sounding board for people. They want the instant gratification. Maybe they think they understand what is going on and they really don't."

"The internet is a way for people to get together and say how great our program is or how bad our program is. I always say its never as great as you think our program is or as bad as you think it is."

"I think you need to not get caught up with what people say on a talk radio show. Not what somebody's saying in a newspaper. Not what somebody's saying on a blog."

So let me get this straight.  Talk Radio = good.  Internet = bad.  I'm willing to bet that your average TDG reader who cares about Gopher hockey knows more about it than anyone who is currently employed at KFAN or WCCO.  I know very little about Gopher hockey but give me 60 min and a laptop and I'm certain I can talke more coherently about it than Chad Hartman. 

  • In a mix of radio and blogging excellence, I represented TDG on the award winning CFB Weekly and their podcast.  It is quick and if you are only interested in TDG's portion it comes at about the 32 min mark. 
  • Alabama's blog, Roll Bama Roll discusses exactly what I was thinking.  Bob Stoops thinks that a playoff would end the jockeying for position by coaching staffs interested getting the Big 12 South bid.  The problem is, even with a playoff only one or two Big 12 teams gets into this mythical playoff.  And even if you eliminate Texas Tech then Tex/OK will still be politicking for seeding and which team gets into the B12 Championship game.
  • Charlie Walters is throwing poo against the wall again (sometime his speculation will stick).  Maybe Glen Mason will end up at Syaracuse and face the Gophers to start the season in 2009.  Maybe.
  • Lew's Blues has some interesting Tennessee coaching speculation and editorial.  There is nothing about Brewster but he nicely ties in Kentucky's search to replace Tubby.