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Golden Nuggets for Election Day

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Please vote today if you haven't already. I'm not going to bore you with my political leanings, but I think we can agree voting is a good thing. Exercise your right today.

On to the nice diversion that is college sports. ...

  • While we've talked a significant amount here about Minnesota's offensive line, we haven't focused as much on the running game that is struggling behind it. Marcus Fuller talks about the running game here. The offensive line has been a weak spot, but Eskridge has struggled since his first couple games. I'd also submit that the play calling of the running game has been far too predictable. I'd like to see more creativity in the running game.
  • Northwestern's MIke Kafka earned it Saturday. He was named Big Ten offensive player of the week. The Chicago Daily Herald has more.
  • It seems like Northwestern is happy with 7-2. Maybe Minnesota fans should take a cue from Tim Brewster and look at that 7-2 mark and smile.
  • It's been a nice start to the season for Don Lucia's Gophers. They've moved up to #4 nationally. This weekend presents the biggest obstacle so far for the 4-0-2 Gophers when No. 5 New Hampshire comes to Minneapolis.
  • We talked about previously how Kentucky and Illinois decided to skirt an NCAA rule and hold Midnight Madness a week early. Well, the NCAA has enacted emergency legislation to ban such activities. So surprising that Billy Gillispie skirted a rule.
  • Well, Phil Fulmer is out at Tennessee. I've heard Tim Brewster's name mentioned, and I'd expect we will continue to hear his name floated for higher-profile opportunities.
  • ESPN has a first look at Minnesota's soon-to-be home for college football. The 4-letter says the facility could be "a major boost for the program."