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Golden Nuggets for 11.05.08

PJS brought you the special election Nugz and I am pleased to present you the post election Nugz with a promise that you won't have to watch another political ad for about a year and a half.  On to something Gopher related.

Do a quick goolge search of Tim Brewster and Tennessee.  You will find far too many links to stories and message boards connecting Tim Brewster to the open coaching vacancy in Tennessee.  I do not believe that TB will be in Knoxville a year from now.  But stories like this will not be going away as long as this team remains competitive.

I want this team to be outstanding.  But the better we are more schools of the Tennessee ilk will be calling coach Brewster's office.  The guy was known as a great recruiter and has only strengthen this belief.  If he shows that he can motivate a team and teach them to reach their potential schools will put him at the top of their list.  And can anybody really blame him if he left for a more prestigious position? 

Don't get me wrong, I'd be pissed if he left, but there is nothing keeping him here.  A ginormous contract extension isn't likely to do it either.  Maybe he is different and wants to build something here.  I don't think he took the job with the intention to jump to a new school as soon as a slighly better job came along.  But if something major were to come along like say Tennessee, I expect he'll go Lou Holtz on us. 

I may be making a mountain out of a mole hill but this is frustrating.  We want them to be great, but it may lead to the loss of the one who would have built it.  This should probably be it's own post (and maybe it will be) but there are just so many links linking Brewster as a potential replacement in Knoxville.  Let's hope it isn't true.

  • The U of MN has declared Saturday's game against Michigan as a Gold Out.  In case you haven't noticed this is the new trend in college football and it is getting a little tiresome.  I will say that Penn State's White Out was impressive but I won't miss this trend when it passes.  With that said, everyone attending the game should wear something gold.  And the the best part is you can go to Goldy's Locker Room and print out a 20%OFF coupon.  And you'll get gold pom-poms at the gate.
  • has Royce White and his Hopkins Royals as the 9th best high school team in the country in their preseason national prep poll.  With four starters commited to Division I schools this team could be something very special.  Robinsdale-Cooper, home of Rodney Williams, is ranked in the regional rankings coming in at #5.  
  • Your Gopher hockey club is #4 in the country and set to face #5 New Hampshire this weekend.  Should be very interesting and a great gauage of where this year's team is at this point.
  • Congratulations to the Gopher women's soccer team for clinching a tie as Big Ten Champions.  
  • Congratulations to the Gopher women's cross country team for winning the Big Ten Championships for the second straight year.
  • Congratulations to Hassan Mead and Chris Rombough for finishing first and third respectively at the men's Big Ten cross country championship