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Golden Nuggets for 11.6.08

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Wake up, University of Minnesota fans. One week ago, many of you were looking at your schedules and talking about January bowl games. Now, after one heartbreaking loss (these things happen in sports) it seems Gophers fans are back to feeling sorry for themselves.

Well, WAKE UP. It's Jug week. Michigan is coming to town.

And Tim Brewster has turned this program around so far that he is a semi-finalist for the national coach of the year award.

Let me tap my inner Joe Biden and repeat that, Tim Brewster is a semi-finalist for the national coach of the year award.

Yes, last weekend was a letdown. Losing to Northwestern always is. But we can bounce back this week, beat Michigan and capture the Jug. If we do that, we'll be back on track to one of the most amazing seasons in Minnesota football history.

  • And don't write off that January bowl berth! Here's Herb Gould of the Chicago Sun-Times (reprinted by the BTN) stating that MSU and Minnesota are the odds on favorites to represent the Big Ten in Jaunary in either the Outback or Capital One Bowl--both on New Year's Day.
  • The Gophers are worried enough about a Jonathan Williams injury that he had an MRI, reports the Pi-Press. They are hoping it's not a hernia.
  • Sticking with the Pi-Press, Tom Powers had a piece yesterday on Minnesota's desire to take the Jug back. Winning the Jug would be tremendous Jug, so get fired up about it!
  • Kent Youngblood of the Star Tribune has picked up on what we've been talking about here: the offensive line. Here we are in the final stretch of the season and this group is still in flux.
  • Remember shortly after Tubby Smith was hired at the university, there were rumblings that he was trying to persuade Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson to attend the U. Smith was pursuing them both at Kentucky and Patterson eventually signed with the Wildcats and Lucas eventually picked Florida. Well, Lucas is transferring out of Florida. Wonder if Tubby will pick up the phone?