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Golden Nuggets for 10.7.08

Perhaps the most annoying thing about sports, and college sports in particular, is the coaching carousel. Not a day goes by now without something coming into my inbox pushing Tim Brewster as a potential new coach for some other program. Today it was this thread from Clemson fans.

There's no faulting fans of Clemson or Tennessee for speculating. After a long season, speculating about a potentially brighter future provides some comfort. But what frustrates me is coaches not fulfilling their committments to their schools. Think Nick Saban, Bobby Petrino, Ben Howland or just about every other college coach.

At some point, I'd like to see university presidents put a stop to this madness. Coaches, their agents and lawyeres manipulate the process and use leverage to get contract extensions and raises. Charley Walters of the PiPress notes that Joel Maturi is going to review Brewster's contract at year's end. I'm betting he gets a raise, especially if other jobs across the country aren't filled.

That's fine and good until the same coach decides to bolt for even greener pastures one year later. I know there's a free market argument that will be used to disagree with me, and that's fine. But these coaches are making multi-million salaries most of them. I tend to think they owe a little loyality to their employers. And if not them, then they owe a bit of loyality to the players they recruit.

I'll keep dreaming over here.

  • Minnesota blogger Buck Bravo writes that similarities between Brewster's 2007 team and RichRod's 2008 Michigan team are few and far between.
  • Anticipation for the men's hockey series this weekend against New Hampshire is growing. Star Tribune's Roman Augustoviz, who does a great job of covering an assortment of UofM sports, quotes Don Lucia calling the series a "measuring stick."
  • Jim Tressel apparently didn't like being asked questions about the suspension of Buckeye Ray Small. He cut off a press conference after four minutes. My question is this: Has anyone asked Tim Brewster specifics behind Ralph Spry's suspension? I'm serious, it's possible I missed it somewhere.
  • The latest reason to get over your woe is me, we lost to Northwestern doldrums: Maize n Brew has a post titled "All I Want To See." Guess what they want? OUR JUG!
  • If you haven't heard, Michigan quarterback Steven Threet is "very questionable" for Saturday according to Michigan Sports Center. MSC writes that "Is there any way that Michigan can just forfeit the Minnesota game and start worrying about Northwestern instead? I ask that because there's no point to even play the game if Steven Threet doesn't start at quarterback for Michigan." I know Michigan's quarterback situation is abysmal, but for Wolverines fans, perhaps they should look to last week, when the Gophers allowed Northwestern back-up Mike Kafka to earn Big Ten offensive player of the week honors.
  • That's all for today's Nugz. You see anything of interest?