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Golden Nugz for 12-15-08

As we're in the lull between college football's regular season and Minnesota's return to the Insight Bowl, and because exams have put a short-lived pause on the basketball season, we're going to try and spice things up here this week at TDG.

GN is going to put up a contest later today (we'll probably supply some lame prize for the winner).

(GN Edit:  The contest will appear tomorrow as I have a recruiting post for this afternoon.  And the lame prize might be alright, just in time for the holidays)

This also gives us some time to do some more forward-thinking posts instead of previewing or reviewing games. Here are the Daily Nugz to get the week started.

  • Big Ten basketball teams fared well Saturday. Only team that lost was Indiana against Kentucky. Ohio State squeaked by Butler in the best game of the weekend. A round-up of the action is here.
  • A Kentucky sports writer calls the Louisville v. Minnesota (or Rick Pitino v. Tubby Smith) tilt in Arizona this Saturday a "basketball event of special historical significance" to UK fans. The writer also throws out the idea of having such a game at Kentucky's Rupp Arena. That'd just be weird.
  • Bob Sansevere of the PiPress uses body parts as a way to get to know Paul Carter. The sophomore seems like a down-to-earth kid. If the article is right, he should be back for the Louisville game this weekend.
  • Sid Hartman says there is no truth to rumors that offensive coordinator might leave because of the addition of running game coordinator Tim Davis. Dunbar might not leave, but the offense needs to improve next season so he doesn't get forced out.
  • You probably know, but Billy Packer is no longer the top color man for CBS college basketball. Clark Kellogg has replaced the retiring Packer. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a nice profile of Kellogg--once hyped in Lebron James fashion--who is finally at the top of college basketball. I like Kellogg and look forward to his analysis.