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The Daily Gopher "caption this" contest

Ncaa_fb_book_mediumThis is going to be a two part contest and will then obviously have two winners.  Would you like to know what you are playing for?

The winners will receive a brand new copy of The College Football Book done by Sports Illustrated, reviewed here.  This is a very cool book and if you enjoy college football you'll appreciate this.  Maybe I can get it to you in time for Christmas for yourself or to give to that someone special in your life.

Anyway this will be a two part contest. 

1.  For new members.  Sign up now to become a member of Daily Gopher.  The 250th NEW member (I'm not telling how many we have) will recieve a copy of this book.  All it takes is an e-mail address and it is pretty simple.  In the upper left corner, just under the TDG logo click on sign up and follow the instructions.

2.  The "Caption This" contest - see the picture below and in the comment section tell us what the caption should be.  Be creative, be funny, be serious, whatever.  PJS and I will vote on the winner.  If we can't agree we'll put it to a vote.