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Golden Nugz for 12-19-08

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Going to be brief here today as I lament the fact that I will not be travelling to Phoenix this weekend as originally planned. And the fact that the game is on FSN North apparently? I have the BTN. I have the sports package, but I don't like i get college games on FSN East, West or whatever. I think those come via the college basketball pack. Sigh.

Louisville, by the way, held off Ole Miss last night in a close game on a neutral court.

  • The STrib's Myron Medcalf takes a look at the relationship between Rick Pitino and Tubby Smith.
  • Not surprisingly, the Arizona press is also picking up on the coaching fraternity reuinion between Tubby and Rick. Nice article from the Arizona Republic.
  • I'm kind of sick of writing about Kentucky, but Wildcats fans in a very unscientific survey preferred Pitino to Tubby. Whatever. I think they're both cool and accomplished.
  • This Kansas Jayhawks blog is saying the INsight Bowl really won't be close. "Simply put, as long as over-confidence doesn't set in, this really shouldn't be a game. I think Tim Brewster deserves a ton of respect for what he's done in a short time there, but Minnesota just isn't that good."