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Golden Nuggets for 12.3.08

Hey the Gophers won their ACC match up, what is the problem with everybody else?

Oh ya, Minnesota's Iowa's Andrew Brommer took his 21.4% free throw percentage to the line down two.  He missed the front end of the one-and-one.  BC wins 57-55.

Illinois, down two, with the ball, under 20 seconds is unable to even get a shot off.  I mean, not even throwing up a prayer with guys in the shooter's face.  Ball never got above the shoulders, game over.  Clemson wins 76-74.  This was a great chance for the B10 to steal one.

Purdue got rolled by Duke 76-60.  My personal commentary is that Purdue expected to get better just by getting older.  They didn' work hard enough in the offseason to get BETTER.  Personal opinion, for what it's worth.

On the bright side Ohio State went on the road and beat PJS's favorite to win the ACC (or something like that).  OSU wins 73-68.  Seriously though this is a big win for the Big Ten as Miami is ranked and is rather talented.

The Big Ten is going to get rolled tomorrow after going 3-3 to start the "challenge."  Northwestern will not beat Florida State, North Carolina is unstoppable right now, Maybe Penn State over Georgia Tech, maybe Michigan over Maryland and Indiana will be luck to be within 25 of Wake.  ACC is a lock for three wins and Big Ten has a chance at two, but 0-5 isn't out of the question. 

  • Back to football for a moment.  Talk is increasing about potentially Wisconsin passing up the Champs Bowl for an Arizona location and the Inight Bowl.  Conventional thought is that Minnesota would move "up" to the Champs Bowl and have a trip to Florida.  Why would Wisconsin do this?  Apparently they are bored with Florida cause they have played there four years in  row.  Boo hoo, go to Detroit if you want a change of pace.

    What does this mean for the Gophers?  Not much really.  If Ohio State gets a BCS game we'll likely move up to the Insight.  If we get to move one game up and go the Champs it is technically a more prestigious bowl but anything between a Jan 1 bowl and the Motor City Bowl are all kind of the same thing imo.

  • Bruce Feldman of Eee Ess Pee Enn believes that Brewster did the 10th best job coaching this year
    With all due respect to Joe Paterno and Pat Fitzgerald, no one took a program that was worse off a year ago than Brewster. He made a key move bringing in defensive coordinator Ted Roof to overhaul the defense. Brewster, a guy who has a solid reputation as a recruiter, was able to plug in a crew of gifted junior college transfers to infuse more speed and playmakers into the defense. Obviously, Brewster would be higher on this list had his team not dropped its final four games of the season.
    It's about right.  This was a remarkable turnaround that ended in a major buzz kill. It's easy to rip the team or their finish but in total this was a significant turnaround and a successful season.  He needs to continue to build.
  • Hats off to the Gopher Volleyball team who recently wrapped up their regular season.  Three Gophers were named to first team All-Big Ten and Christine Tan was named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year.  In addition to their post season awards the Gophers are a #6 seed in the NCAA tournament and are hosting a first round regional.