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Golden Nuggets for 12.31.08

The last day of the year turns out to be one of the biggest for Gopher sports.  Hoops and football with their biggest games of 2008 on the same day and if all goes well we'll all have reason to party into the night and bring in 2009 in style.

Basketball Prospectus gave some good press to the Gopher's hot start and near the end the high praise came flowing for the Gopher's frontcourt.

Freshmen forwards Ralph Sampson III and Colton Iverson combine with Johnson to give Minnesota one of the strongest interior defenses in the nation. Sampson is 14th in percentage of blocks (11.5) while Iverson is 25th (10.8). Iverson has a 119.5 offensive rating and Sampson's is 111.1

"Those two make our defense very efficient and Iverson has really brought a lot of energy to our team," Smith said. "He does all the little things on both ends of the floor, like diving for loose balls, and he is also very talented. We have a good blend of experienced kids and freshmen and it's worked out well to this point."

Prior to that they stick to their Pomroy ranking guns which points out we are the seventh ranked B10 team and are 50th overall.

Enjoy the Gopher games and have a safe New Year's Eve.  If anyone see's PJS roaming the streets of Minneapolis late tonight be sure to say hi to him.