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Insight Bowl - 2008


And here is your official game thread for the Insight Bowl.

With very few seniors on the roster this game is just a baby step for the 2009 season, imo. An extra month of practice and more game speed work for the offense to come together.

There are a few seniors who will be playing their last game as a Gopher.

  • DE - Willie VanDeSteeg - all time leader in Tackles for Losses, currently fourth all time in sacks.
  • TE - Jack Simmons
  • LB - Deon Hightower
  • LB - Steve Davis
  • LB - Kevin Mannion
  • DT - William Brody
    QB - Tony Mortenson
  • QB - Mike Maciejowski

I probably shouldn't have started a list because I am going to miss people. This was a quick list of relatively significant players who will be missed in 2009.

Good luck to the Gophs, this would be a big win that would set the tone and raise the bar for 2009.

** NOTE: GN will be driving through Wisconsin and PJS may or may not be in front of a computer so be good and enjoy the game.