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Minnesota beats Cornell, just the facts

Unless you were one of the thirteen or fourteen people with ESPN360 or ventured over to the Barn you did not see this game.  And being that it was in the middle of a Saturday afternoon I'm sure many of you did not listen to much of the game as well. 

Here's what happened...

Cornell started out well leading by as many as 13 (twice) but Minnesota dominated the final 9:27.  At that point Cornell led 48-47 but the Gophers finished the game on a 24-6 run.

Ryan Wittman, son of Timberwolves head coach (for now) Randy Wittman led the way for Cornell with 21 points.  He was the only player in double figures. 

The Gophers were led by Lawrence Westbrook in scoring but it was a much more balanced attack as you can see by the player impact charts below.  The first is Cornell who was heavily influenced by Wittman and the second of course is Minnesota who received contributions for more players to spread the load..


Finally below is the Gopher box score.  It is great to see that Minnesota is receiving significant contributions from Iverson (Colt 45) and Sampson (RSIII).  They haven't put together a game where both are playing great but every game of of them is giving  us points in the paint and usually they are rebounding as well. 

Great effort yesterday afternoon.  15 offensive rebounds, outrebounding opponent +10, shooting 51% and seven blocked shots are all very good.  17 turnovers is ugly and is quickly becoming this team's biggest issue. 

8-0 is right where this team needs to be as they continue to work towards that elusive NCAA tournament.